One Pregnancy, Two Deliveries

When we first found out that we were having twins, I searched all over the internet for information about twin deliveries. Would I likely be scheduled for a c-section? Would I just go into labor spontaneously? Where do babies come from anyway? Kidding. Really though, nothing could prepare me for going into labor with Hudson and Hunter. In a previous post, I had spared you all the details of my delivery of the twins who are now almost 8 months old. While I’m going to leave out most of the gore and the minor information, I’ll let you all in on

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Friday Favorites- Skin Care Edition

Lately, I’ve noticed many bloggers posting beauty related “Friday Favorites” on social media. I figured this would be fun, since I am pretty loyal to the products I use on a daily basis. My beauty regimen is not very complicated though (and I’m lazy about it), so I thought I would post my favorite items in different categories every couple of Fridays or so. For example, today’s theme will be

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On Having Babies in the NICU…

Those of you who have read our first blog post are aware that Hudson and Hunter were NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) babies. When I started this blog, I knew that I would eventually share a few thoughts on our NICU experience, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. In the future, I may elaborate further, but for now, I wanted to share what it felt like to have babies in the NICU, as a first time mom.

Our twins were born near 33.5 weeks, a little early, but not incredibly premature. I’ll spare you the details (for now!) on the shenanigans of my delivery and just tell you that

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What “Mom Brain” Has Done to Me…

The causes of the chaos…or just two little old men.

Many of you out there may have heard of something called “mom brain,” or “pregnancy brain.” It is often characterized by the absent minded nonsense that a new mom, or pregnant mom, can get herself into. Is it real? Well, according to my good pal, Google, quite a few studies have proven it to be legit. There are still non-believers, but if we get on their side, then this will just seem like a list of things that prove I’m far below average in the intelligence area. 

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About The Ellen Show and Kindness…

It’s no secret that it takes one very small gesture, to put a big smile on someone’s face. As some of you may know, we’re currently living in a hotel as we attempt to close on a house. We’ve been here for two months now and are seeking the light at the end of the tunnel. Things can get a little hectic with a family of five (yes, our dog is included) sharing a hotel room. Our babies have been teething and babying around with their little baby selves, so they’ve been a little upset. On Thursday, Hunter was irritable, on Friday, it was Hudson. My free moments were few and far between, my mood was bitchy and negative down and I was worried about our home inspection and every other thing that has gone wrong since arriving from Germany.

On Friday afternoon, after finally

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Your Poor Husband



Sometimes in life, people will pick a fight with you with a small remark or gesture. I have always thought that responding to a rude comment would mean that I am lowering myself to another person’s level. If I had ever entertained someone’s immaturity, I would later be upset with myself for doing so. This was in part because I felt that most petty arguments were worthless and didn’t get anyone anywhere. For the most part, I still feel this way. I now realize though, that there are topics worth a little scuff, such as my children and my husband.

This past Monday, my tiny family attended a Labor Day festival in Naperville, Illinois. To make a long story short,

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