Your Poor Husband



Sometimes in life, people will pick a fight with you with a small remark or gesture. I have always thought that responding to a rude comment would mean that I am lowering myself to another person’s level. If I had ever entertained someone’s immaturity, I would later be upset with myself for doing so. This was in part because I felt that most petty arguments were worthless and didn’t get anyone anywhere. For the most part, I still feel this way. I now realize though, that there are topics worth a little scuff, such as my children and my husband.

This past Monday, my tiny family attended a Labor Day festival in Naperville, Illinois. To make a long story short, Derrick accidentally bumped into a lady with our stroller. She loudly complained to her husband about Derrick being rude (using the volume that people use when they want someone to overhear them), which caused him to ask her, “Is there something you’d like to say to me?” They then exchanged words. My first reaction was to ignore all of this and silently root for my husband, because, I’m still a little immature and like a good win. I was also hoping that a fight didn’t ensue between Derrick and this lady’s husband or boyfriend. I don’t remember all that was said, because for the most part, I paid no attention to it. That is, until I heard her yell, “POOR BABIES!,” in an attempt to imply that she felt bad for them for having a dad like Derrick. Too far lady, too far.

My silence broke as I turned and yelled, “YOUR POOR HUSBAND!” Immediately, I thought to myself, “Damnit, Leighann! Shut up! She doesn’t deserve your attention!” It was only hours later, when Derrick brought up the little debacle, that I realized that it’s okay to respond sometimes. It’s okay to let someone know that they are not right, and that you will not put up with their nonsense. In my opinion, she couldn’t have been more wrong. My babies are SO lucky to have Derrick as their father. There hasn’t been a moment since the day we found out that I was pregnant, that he has not taken care of them. Who would I be if I just let her insult him? It’s not like he was going to turn around and say, “I’m the best dad ever!” I mean, it would have have been funny though…

Anyway, although I still believe that silence is often louder than words, and I will always do my best to avoid an unnecessary argument, I won’t feel bad about situations similar to this one. I believe so strongly that my babies have the most wonderful father, and I should not feel that I have to hold back in correcting anyone who disagrees.

(I stand behind my “poor husband” comment. That lady’s poor husband must never get a word in edgewise.)

As usual, feel free to comment or message with any thoughts, similar experiences, and so on. I love hearing from everyone!

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6 thoughts on “Your Poor Husband

  1. You are a lot nicer than I am! hahahaha. I am proud of you though, for sticking up for your husband ! He sounds like a good father and husband ! I would of done the same thing if some crazy lady went at George like that ! George is pretty much the best! hahaha. miss ya, girl!
    would love to meet those babies and husband soon♡♡

    • Haha, there was way more in my head, than what I said! I’m just always nervous, thinking, “what if this lady is crazy and she’s about to stab me?” I miss you too! Would be great to meet up! I saw you’re going to be doing the Lularoe thing, I just bought my first pair of leggings at this festival, haha!

  2. Great story and great sticking by your husband. My wife has yelled before in my defense too. The extent of which reminds me of the movie : 50 First Dates. There is a part of the movie where Lucy kicks the stuffing out of Ula. While Ula is running away and shouting obscenities towards her, she yells back at the top of her lungs, ” Keep running! ” The scene perfectly sums up the beast hiding in even the most gentlest of creatures.

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