What “Mom Brain” Has Done to Me…

The causes of the chaos…or just two little old men.

Many of you out there may have heard of something called “mom brain,” or “pregnancy brain.” It is often characterized by the absent minded nonsense that a new mom, or pregnant mom, can get herself into. Is it real? Well, according to my good pal, Google, quite a few studies have proven it to be legit. There are still non-believers, but if we get on their side, then this will just seem like a list of things that prove I’m far below average in the intelligence area. 
Since giving birth to our twins, I’ve had a number of shining moments. I’d like to blame my “mom brain” for all of these, partially because it might be the cause, and partially because it makes me feel better.  If you’d like reasons to feel better about yourself, or are just curious about what one might do when she has mom brain, see the list below.

1. Taking my pants off to pump. Everyone knows you can pump with your pants on. I don’t know why I do this 99% of the time.

2. Made it all the way out the door in a slipper and a flip flop.

3. Banged my head on the shower when leaning for the faucet.

4. Banged my head on the nightstand.

5. Banged my head on the nightstand, again. One day later…I could see it coming, but it still happened?!

6. Needed new pump parts, checked the Babies R Us website for in-store availability, went to pick them up, bought the wrong parts. I even looked up the wrong parts. Everything was wrong about this from the beginning.

7. Found my glasses, lost my glasses. Found my sunglasses, lost my sunglasses. Found my other sunglasses. At least I never lose the babies’ stuff.

8. Called Hudson’s legs his “back legs.” What? They’re on all fours a lot of the time, it’s confusing. Plus, I was just a dog mom before this!

9. Called Hudson’s arms his “front legs.” COME ON.

10. Called one of the babies’ arms his “front arms.” Getting closer!

11. Asked my husband to sniff my hair, to find out if I washed it.

12. Called the twins by the wrong names while they had identifying bibs on (many times).

13. Washed clothes in the hotel laundry, went to switch them to the dryer, but instead, moved them into another washer. Turned it on and everything.

14. Made a shopping list on my phone and deleted it twice in the same trip.

15. Knocked deodorant into the toilet. I went to scoop it out, but when I leaned over, I flushed it. I have no explanation for this. I then had to go buy a plunger. Derrick got it out…he was so happy.

Such a good man!

16. Went to the store 3 days in a row and forgot new deodorant (to replace my toilet deodorant) every time.

17. Considered myself “ready” to go, while still not having shorts on.

18. Buckled only ONE baby’s car seat in. Don’t worry, I looked into the back seats before we went anywhere and realized the mistake. Note: If you have two kids and get the feeling you’ve already done something, you probably have…and probably have to go do it again for another kid.

19. I forgot which color of toothbrush was mine, so I bought two new ones in bold colors to help me out. I still don’t remember which one I picked to be mine, so I’ve been using the color I like. Sorry Derrick, I like blue and orange equally.

20. Probably forgot many things to put on this list.

Well, that about wraps it up (maybe). I’m sure my future holds many more little slip-ups, but I’m hoping for the best. I would love to hear how everyone else’s post-labor brains have worked for them, ha. Feel free to message, comment, or just laugh at me.

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38 thoughts on “What “Mom Brain” Has Done to Me…

  1. I regularly blame mommy brain (even though we adopted and I’ve never actually been pregnant)! Todd says it’s just an excuse I now have for how I’ve always behaved. Ha! Yea me!

  2. I am STILL laughing!!! So well written – I love it. I am also relieved to know I am not alone. After the birth of my twins, stuff like this happened to me all the time. I always called it “Baby Brain.“ It does get better, but I know it’ll be the same. Thanks so much for the great read! XO

    • Hi Rebecca! Thank you for reading, I’m glad I could make you laugh:) In the future, i might have another post…things like this are still happening, haha!

  3. That was an awesome read. Taking off the pants to pump? 😂 Classic! Just yesterday I unloaded the clothes from the dryer into a basket and put in another load into the dryer. Guess where I put the BOUNCE sheet?! In the laundry basket with the newly dried clothes. And I stared at that for a good two seconds thinking hmm that doesn’t look right. LOL mom brain is real!

    • Hahaha! I love it! When you do things that aren’t right, but you can’t quite figure out what is “off” about it…happens all the time! Mom brain continues…i took my jacket off the other day and then just continued getting undressed…WHAT the heck?! I’m happy that I wasn’t in public!

  4. This made my day. I have had mommy brain so bad with my second pregnancy. I had an older lady tell me that it’s called placenta brain and you get it when your pregnant and it lasts for 18 years. After 18 years your old, so you will forget everything anyway. Totally made my day!

    • Hahaha omg! She’s probably right! A lot of my friends are having babies or had babies within the last few years and I think we’re all in the same boat!

    • So glad you enjoyed it! There will be a somewhat similar post in the near future😉 I’ve learned that if we take ourselves too seriously in this mom gig, we’ll never make it out live!

  5. I’ve called my sons arms his ‘front legs’ more times than I can count! I’ve also knocked deodorant (and a toothbrush!) into the toilet. Thankfully, I was able to fish it out. Thanks for the laugh!

  6. This made me chuckle (quietly while I read on my phone, under the blankets so not to wake the hubby or baby lol). I have done some of these and others – mom brain is real, I don’t care what anyone says. I will be mid way through doing something totally wrong and just shake my head. I also called my daughter’s cheeks “chin” and chin “cheeks” one day while bathing her and teaching her names of body parts – I never even caught on to my mistake till my husband pointed out that our poor child was going to be so confused lol.

    • Hahaha, oh boy! It’s so easy just to go along with ourselves when we say things wrong. A lot of times I don’t even think twice until wayyy later! Thank you for reading!

    • Haha! I’m glad I’m not the only one! My husband doesn’t understand why I can’t remember!

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