Friday Favorites- Skin Care Edition

Lately, I’ve noticed many bloggers posting beauty related “Friday Favorites” on social media. I figured this would be fun, since I am pretty loyal to the products I use on a daily basis. My beauty regimen is not very complicated though (and I’m lazy about it), so I thought I would post my favorite items in different categories every couple of Fridays or so. For example, today’s theme will be skin care, but in the future, I might post our favorite dog related items, my favorite workout gear, or my favorite drinks.

Okay, let’s get things started! As I mentioned, today I’ll give you a peak at 4 of the skin care items that I’ve either used for years, or plan to, and have seen success with. A bonus about these products is that they’re all less than $10, partly because it just worked out that way, and partly because I’m a frugal shopper. These items are not part of ads, so my honest opinions are expressed. This page however, may contain affiliate links, which help the site to stay up and running at no extra cost to you! Here we go!

1. Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer with Sunscreen

I’ve used the same moisturizer on my face since I was about 12 or 13. I’m now 29, so it’s safe to say that this is a favorite of mine. Why was I using moisturizer at that age? Well, my Grandma used to send us boxes of random items and for some reason she kept sending this lotion (and pens and dish towels). I guess she liked it, so she thought that I would too. Because I was young and had no idea what I was doing, I just started putting it on my face everyday. I don’t even know if my mom knew that I was actually using it! Well I was, and I still am, and my face isn’t dry or oily, so I consider it a good pre-teen decision.

2. Neutrogena Oil- Free Eye Makeup Remover

I don’t wear any foundation, powder, concealer, etc on a regular basis. So, most days, I only have eye makeup to remove. I had been using a Clinique sample about 4 years ago, along with a Neutrogena sample. Honestly, the latter worked better for me. I wear waterproof mascara daily and this remover successfully removed it with the most ease. It’s a great alternative to some pricey options out there. Also, you just need a dab of it on a cotton ball, so the bottle lasts forever!

3. BIC Soleil Bella

For some reason, I just really like a good disposable razor. I’ve used the fancy kind where you replace the blades, but I found them to be bulky and a rip-off to replace (I’m frugal, remember?). My leg hair is quite fine, so if you want to know the truth, I try to stretch my time between shaving for as long as possible (I’m also lazy). So, I don’t need to replace razors often. I have found the BIC Soleil disposable razors with three or four blades to be lightweight, long lasting, and comfortable to use. Sounds good, right?

4. Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Hand & Body Scrub

This scrub is a new favorite for me. Prior to purchasing this, I had only used face scrubs or body scrubs that were half body wash, half scrub. I used this all over and my skin felt incredibly soft afterward. If you think you have soft skin, try this, and then reevaluate every thought you had about your skin before. You’ll be surprised! I plan on continuing to use this every so often (I don’t feel it’s necessary to use daily), to get my skin feeling smooth.

That’s a wrap for my favorite skin products! If you think you’ve got an item that is mind blowing, let me know, and maybe I’ll be convinced to change my ways! I’m interested to hear everyone else’s choices and why!

If you have “Friday Favorite” themes that you would like to see on the blog, send them my way! I’d love to know what you all are interested in.

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