One Pregnancy, Two Deliveries

When we first found out that we were having twins, I searched all over the internet for information about twin deliveries. Would I likely be scheduled for a c-section? Would I just go into labor spontaneously? Where do babies come from anyway? Kidding. Really though, nothing could prepare me for going into labor with Hudson and Hunter. In a previous post, I had spared you all the details of my delivery of the twins who are now almost 8 months old. While I’m going to leave out most of the gore and the minor information, I’ll let you all in on what it’s like to experience two very different deliveries, as a result of one pregnancy.

Hudson came out first. This is fitting, because he was the one who broke his water 11 days earlier, putting me in the hospital until delivery time. Clearly, he wanted out, and so out he came. He was easy as pie, to be honest. Maybe 10 minutes went by, a little bit of pushing, and BAM, a baby came out. Delivery complete. Thanks weightlifting, for giving me those good pushing muscles!

Hunter had been positioned head down, just like Hudson. However, this changed quite quickly. If you ask me, Hunter probably caught a glimpse of the real world and thought, “Screw this $hit,” and crawled back into the newly open space to hang out. He was now head up, which meant that my awesome doctor had to give me the options of either an emergency c-section or “manipulating” Hunter into being head down again. Who wants to recover from a vaginal delivery AND a c-section? No one! So, he pushed on my stomach until the little guy was re-positioned. This felt less than fantastic, and in the meantime, I just laid in the operating room listening to things like, “that’s a lot of blood,” and “we need to clean that up.” I couldn’t see the mess, though, so, no big deal! The nurses were actually great and made me laugh a lot.

Since the doctor was able avoid a c-section for Hunter, I was brought back to my regular delivery room. He still didn’t feel like making his way out, so we had to wait. That’s right, I gave birth to one baby and sat around for two hours to wait for the other. Did it feel strange to hang out with one baby in me and one out? Not really. It more or less looked strange. My stomach had collapsed a bit, but I could still tell there was a baby in there. How did I keep my mind off of the situation while we waited? Well, luckily, technology is great and I was able to fill family and friends in on what was happening. It was our close friend Matt’s birthday, as well as my friend Beth’s birthday, so clearly, this was the time to send them messages and write on their Facebook walls. That’s what most people do during labor, right? If you find yourself under similar circumstances, you will be doing whatever you can to occupy your time, I promise.

When Hudson was settled into the NICU, Derrick went to visit him. A few minutes after he left for the NICU, the doctor told me that Hunter needed to come join us. He was close to the exit, but once again, not in the ideal position. If he stayed in any longer though, there was a chance that he would grow stressed and “freak out” a little, which he might have been too small to handle. A nurse went to grab Derrick and once he returned, the games began.

The nice and easy delivery of Hudson was clearly a far cry from what was happening with Hunter. After a few minutes of pushing, it was decided that he needed a little more help. The doctor reached in multiple (yes, multiple) times to feel for him. He would reach in, find a limb, come  out, go back in, find a finger, come out, and so on. I can list a million things that felt better than this. I even asked the nurse if the epidural was still working, because I felt what was going on. Turns out it was still working. Once Hunter’s head was finally in the right spot, it was time for forceps. Up until this moment, I had always thought of forceps as a small tool to grab food with, or something like that. Now, when I think of forceps, I imagine giant metal clamps that could grasp a watermelon. Yay!

Anyway, a few pushes later, with the assistance of the giant forceps on Hunter’s noggin, he was out! As he was on his way to the NICU to join his brother, I was still on the hospital bed. Unfortunately, delivery was not over. Thanks a lot, mom friends! None of you warned me about delivering the placenta. Even after all that I had been through, this was the absolute worst part of labor. Yes, Hunter made us wait, yes, it was painful to have my stomach pushed on, and yes, it hurt when the doctor went fishing for body parts. Still, the placenta was worse. Do you know what happens if it doesn’t detach all of the way? The doctor sticks his arm inside you again to grab the leftovers and scrape them out. It is at this point, that you are finally done.

Now, who wants to have a baby? Ha!

I didn’t mean to scare anyone, but just thought I’d share the story. The hospital and staff were amazing from my bed rest, to my recovery. Things just got a little more complicated than expected, but that’s how it was all supposed to unfold. I’m not going to go into the fun of the first shower after delivery, but just imagine the prom scene from “Carrie” with the pig’s blood, and we can stop there.

Feel free to comment, share my story, or fill me in on your own story!

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16 thoughts on “One Pregnancy, Two Deliveries

  1. Leighann,

    Only you could make us smile while sharing that story. I’m glad everything ended well. I had one that was “sunny side up”, and the doctor had to reach in and turn her…..not to the extent you went through with Hunter, but I had an idea of how that feels.

    Enjoying reading your blog. **Hugs**

  2. WOW! Now that’s an experience! My first child was an emergency C-Section due to her size (9.12 lbs) and being stuck, so my twins were a scheduled C-Section. I made it to 38 weeks and they entered the world at 7.8 lbs and 7.2 lbs. (I was HUGE) lol I cannot imagine going through what you did. Kudos to you and your ability to retell in a lighthearted manner. Us Mamas know, no matter how “horrible” the initial experience, we would do it all over again. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more. Talk to ya soon!

  3. Hey lady!! I enjoyed your story as always!! I’m so thankful that everything worked out for you guys.. and that you and the babies were ok!! You are right about delivering the placenta… or only part of it.. Lincoln was my fourth baby and he will be 6 mos old on Oct 5,2016… after I pushed him out and the placenta…well at least I thought it was the placenta in its entirety… I learned later it was not… I started passing clots the size of my hand. The doctor’s rushed back into my room and yes.. stuck what felt like an entire arm into me and started scraping away.. mind you there was never an epidural because Mr. 9lb..5oz Lincoln decided to come so fast his dad didn’t even make it back from PT in time.. 1 hour long labor from the first contraction until baby was out….they put me back into labor but luckily gave me some morphine as the pain was so bad my body was trembling uncontrollably.. I would have to say on a scale of one to 10 I was at one million on the discomfort scale.. luckily the baby was healthy and they got the rest the second time and a DNC was not necessary….so sorry I didn’t warn you about the placenta ordeal.. but normally that’s the easiest part of delivery.. I didn’t know any different until this last delivery when I thought I was going to die, a horrible very painful death!!

  4. *hugs* You are a super mom!

    The birth story with my daughter was easy, so chill that even my friends and coworkers that I texted with regular updates wondered if I was even really in labor. The epidural wore off and I had to roll from side to side by from the time that I was told to start pushing to the time my baby girl was out it took maybe twenty minutes. The scary part was that throughout the each contraction my BP would sky rocket and her heart rate would spike frantically,, what we didn’t know was that the cord was wrapped around her neck and was causing both of us stress (obviously her more so than me). So when she was finally out and free to breath on her own she did not. In rushed the NICU team and in the blink of an eye she was breathing, but my heart broke as I watched my husband sob like never before, fearing that our daughter might never live. I had to be strong while the doctor was scraping the pieces of my placenta out of me, but the pain never even registered because my heart was breaking one minute and then filling with hope and joy the neck when our daughter Aviya finally cried like every newborn baby does. She spent five days in the NICU simply because they didn’t feed her the first day but instead gave her an IV drip and that forced her sodium levels to be off, but in the mean time we learned that her development was never stunted due to the momentary lack of oxygen and that our baby girl was healthy and happy.

    My labor and delivery nurse as well as the NICU doctors and nurses were incredible, and though the ending was a bumpy one, it was a happy one. So yeah, that’s my birth story.

    • Oh my goodness! Hugs to you too! I can’t even imagine that! I’m so happy that everything turned out great and that there were no set backs from the lack of oxygen. I’ve heard of the cord getting wrapped around the neck, but haven’t actually known someone who has had that happen. You guys are so strong, I would’ve been in such shock. NICUs are amazing though, and I’m glad you had an incredible team. My heart felt a little broken for all of the day we were in the NICU, and without their positivity, our experience wouldn’t have been as comfortable.

  5. Leighann! Girl, you’re the toughest woman I know. I always wondered about your birth story! Thank you for sharing! Twins run in my family and my husband’s family so we always wonder if we will be next! Haha!

    • Haha, thanks, Paige! You never know, you might be next! I don’t know about you, but I kind of hope you are, lol. As difficult as it can be sometimes, they’re hilarious and wonderful little people!

  6. You are hilarious! I’m sure that moment was not hilarious.

    My Hunter who is an Irish Twin with his sister Ruby, also broke my water. I only made it 5 days in the hospital before beginning signs of labor but I had disobeyed my doctor and took a shower. I was not supposed to do that. That morning, right before shift change, I woke up and used the bathroom. As I was wiping, I felt something hard. Yep, it was a foot. And that is how my Hunter walked into our world.

    • Hahahah! OMG! I love this story! That is so crazy! I guess maybe there’s something crazy about the name Hunter!

  7. I recently had twins as well! Reading your headline I thought maybe it was the same situation as me…not the case lol! I delivered my first, Arlo, vaginally. Just like you the second babe decided to change direction. So my second, Otto, was delivered via cesarian. And to make things crazier they were born two different days! Arlo on June 5th at 11:39pm and Otto at 12:18am!

    It was fun reading your experience! So I had to share mine!

    • Hi Lauren! First off, I LOVE yout twins’ names! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your experience as well! I had the choice of having Hunter via C-section or the doc trying to flip him, and man, you are a hero for doing vaginal AND c-section! I was so scared of the recovery for both! My guys were born different days as well (I don’t remember if I mentioned that?), SO cool! Feel free to reach me on here or social media if you ever want to chat!

  8. I recently had twins as well! Reading your headline I thought maybe it was the same situation as me…not the case lol! I delivered my first, Arlo, vaginally. Just like you the second babe decided to change direction. So my second, Otto, was delivered via cesarian. And to make things crazier they were born two different days! Arlo on June 5th at 11:39pm and Otto on June 6th at 12:18am!

    It was fun reading your experience! So I had to share mine!

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