10 Things that Could Happen if You Buy a Foreclosure

I’ve been a little behind with blog posts lately, but for a good reason! After living in hotels in Germany and Illinois for almost 4 months, on September 30, we finally closed on our house. There were a few hiccups during the closing process, but all is good now. Since closing, we’ve been working nonstop to make the place livable.

You see, during our house hunt, we found that most of the houses within our price range that were fairly new, still needed upgrades. The asking prices were far too high and sellers weren’t likely to come down. Keep in mind, we will only live here for 3 to 5 years, so we wanted something we could resell quickly and hopefully not lose any cash. Since we knew we’d need to upgrade the interior of whichever house we chose, we thought, what did it matter if the house wasn’t the best to begin with?

This is how we got into scoping out foreclosures.

The house we chose was disgusting. Actually, that’s an understatement. If you want a slight clue about what it was like, see the list at the end of this post. Really, no explanation would do the place any justice. Needless to say, we had some work to do.

At this point, we have new carpets, freshly painted walls to cover the greens, blues, and purples of the last owners, and new appliances. The house was deep cleaned by a cleaning crew and I may or may not have re-cleaned a little, just because. Derrick and I have been working tirelessly on making the house livable, and finally we were able to move in a few days ago. There is still so much to do, such as, install moulding and flip the kitchen and baths, but at least we can live here while the rest is done. My husband has done the bulk of the work, since I’m usually on baby duty, and I’m so grateful. This house needed a lot of attention and still needs heaps of help, but for a low mortgage and a possible profit in the future, it has been well worth it. We know the most difficult tasks are the most rewarding, and fixing this house has been no exception.

Feel free to follow our renovation journey, offer advice, or share your story. We will update the blog and Instagram (@twoboysonepup) with photos as we go along. Until then, enjoy the following…

Things that may happen to you if you purchase a foreclosure:

1. You might find poop on the floors. Replace these floors. Wear shoes when walking around, then burn those shoes once you get new carpet.

2. There might be (what I hope was only) brown soda stuck to the walls in multiple rooms.

3. One room might be spray painted with the words “YOLO SWAG”. You might also assume that the the artist had zero swag, but may have embodied the YOLO concept.

4. You might spend two days cleaning the bathrooms, and they still won’t be clean. (This is when you realize you’ve accomplished nothing and a cleaning service comes in).

5. You may need to patch at least 20 holes in almost every room, and still find that you missed some.

6. If you have babies, you will probably realize that the time you thought would be available to fix the house is actually cut in half.

7. You might change those babies in the back of your car, because it’s cleaner than the house.

8. You might decide to line all cabinets with contact paper, even though they’re clean. Yes, we will be replacing the cabinets, no, I don’t want our stuff touching them.

9. You might make your dog stay in her cage until new flooring arrives, because the place is even too disgusting for her.

10. You will probably never be more excited to buy new toilet seats in your life. Never.

I’m sure there’s more, but it’s time for me to get to work again, so that’s all for now. See you soon!

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    • I wish you could’ve seen it to…you could then do a blog post about the most disgusting home you had ever set foot in!

    • You’re welcome! I thought I had replied already on here, sorry! I read a bit of your blog too and am about to go visit again😊

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