Must Have Items for Newborns (and Twins!)

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Let me guess…when you found out you where having twins, you freaked out a little right? Me too. Our twins are our first babies, so whether there was one, two, or ten babies, I wasn’t sure what sort of gear or items I would need. After searching Pinterest, Google, and giving my mom pals the 3rd degree, my husband and I were able to gather everything we needed, without accumulating an excess of unnecessary items. Not only did this save us money, but it also saved us space in our home, and time!

Our babies are now almost 10 months old, so I’ve compiled a list of our must-have items that made our lives easier when they were newborns. I’ll also note whether we had one or two of each item, and avoid the obvious (such as car seats). This post is not sponsored, but may contain affiliate links, which helps keep the blog up and running at no cost to you!


  1. Pack n’ Play– Our house in Germany was 4 stories, which meant a lot of baby carrying up and down the stairs. With the Twin Pack n’ Play, we were able to set it up in our living room and roll it toward the kitchen or dining room if necessary. We could even take it to our bedroom, as it is easy to fold up. Our babies slept a lot, so the basinet inserts were fantastic! The inserts are not a must, unless you are 5’0 tall like me, and cannot comfortably reach all the way to the bottom (sad, but true). You’ll only need one of these, at least for the first year! (FYI- If you’re on a budget, you can hold off on getting two cribs until you are ready. Our guys fit into the same Pack n’ Play and crib up until about 8 months, when they started rolling into each other and waking each other up.)_mg_0510
  2. Boppy Pillows– Whether you are breast feeding or not, we loved having the Boppy pillows to breastfeed from, as well as just prop the boys up to eat from bottles (they did both!). As your babies grow, the pillows are great for tummy time, sitting up, or just hanging out! When there is more than one baby, there is a feeling of security to just have a little comfortable space for each one. You’ll want one of these per baby!
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  4. Double Stroller- Now, I’m not going to specify a brand here, because that’s not the point. However, I have read about many twin moms wondering if they should get two single strollers. Um. HOW do you plan on pushing them around like that? Please trust me, life is so much easier when you can push them around in one stroller. Make sure you can convert the stroller to fit carseats, as well as have regular seats for when your babies get bigger! If you are active and trying to be frugal, save yourself from buying two strollers and just get one all-terrain, or jogging-friendly set of wheels. (If you must know what we used, here you go)._mg_0717
  5. Swaddles– Not just swaddling blankets, but some actual swaddles. I don’t know about you, but my swaddling skills would probably be rated in the negatives. Could I do it? Yes. Would they be snug? If by snug you mean, the blanket was at least touching the baby. Investing in a few velcro swaddles will save you time and frustration! You’ll want at least 2 for each baby, depending on your laundry habits. If you have no laundry habits, and your baby is a human who poops, then at least 3 for each baby. (The link shows you one type that we used, however multiple brands will do the trick!)img_7778
  6. Activity Gym– When you take your babies home, let’s face it, they’re mostly going to sleep, and not do much playing. However, they will enjoy bright colors, mirrors, and some tunes. This play mat, and many others, have all of that! You can also detach the toys and hang them from carseat handles, or anything you choose. Our guys would stay occupied for quite some time with this! There is debate on whether play mats are safe, because they can fold up. When your babies are that little though, they won’t be able to roll, so just watch out for when they get a little more mobile. You will only need one of these, unless you pop out 20lb babies…which…you won’t. I hope.img_0272
  7. Portable Changing Pad- I’ve mentioned the Skip Hop Pronto! Changing Station in a past post, because I love it! With two babies to carry around when it’s time to change, sometimes you just might want to change them in whatever room you happen to be in. A changing pad that you can take anywhere is so, so helpful. There are other portable changing pads out there, which would serve the same purpose, but we traveled a lot, and this one had ample storage for diaper cream and wipes for both babies.

Now, that concludes our list of items that we felt were life savers for bringing home our twins. There are a few extras that I wanted to mention, that may not be absolutely necessary, but helped us out a lot. Also, if you are interested in checking out items you DON’T need, you can check out my friend Ashley’s wonderful post at Parenting the Principal!

  1. Rock n’ Play Sleeper– Our twins LOVED these sleepers. The little nuggets would snuggle up in these babies and fall right asleep. I say they aren’t necessities, because you’ll have cribs or a Pack n’ Play, or even co-sleep, but if you’re looking for way to induce an insta-nap, then this is it! It vibrates, you can rock it, your cat can rock it, etc. It’s awesome. One for each baby, clearly!img_0228
  2. Ergo Baby Carriers- Everyone might not make use of these, however, we made our way through Italy, France, and a few hikes in Germany with these. The carriers fit my 5’0 tall frame, as well as my husband’s 6’0 tall frame, and we were both comfortable. There are some situations where a stroller just won’t cut it (stairs, terrain that is way too rocky or bumpy, etc.) You’ll need two of these!
  3. Netflix– This is not a joke. Our twins were preemies and were slow eaters, who had a lot of reflux, so feeding time sometimes lasted awhile. Sometimes they’d be in and out of sleep, making for an uneventful time. There were also those middle of the night feedings, not to mention extra pumping sessions! This was when we could catch up on…anything.

Now that we’ve reached the end, I’m sure there are other items that we loved, but these were the main few! If you want to comment or share any recommendations for other moms reading this post, feel free!

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19 thoughts on “Must Have Items for Newborns (and Twins!)

  1. I have to agree on all of those! My twins were the last two of five children, but I had a five year gap between my third and the twins. I was buying all new gear, and double this time!
    Also, the Netflix and Amazon Prime were essential. Feeding time lasted a long time, and there’s not much else to do when feeding two babies! No free hands for reading, after all.

  2. Ergo is a must have for any child! I guess you and your hubby has to carry one child each. I don’t know how you do it, you’re a super mom and your twins are one of my favorites! So cute.

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