Must Have Items for Pumping Moms

Hi there, fellow pumpers! If you’re stopping by here, my guess is either that you’ve already started pumping and are dying to make it a better experience, or you’re an expecting mama who wants to be prepared. Pumping can be a tedious experience, so I’d like to share a few things with you that might make things a little easier. I’m now 10 months into my pumping journey for my twins and aside from just my breastpump, I’ve picked up a few items along the way to simplify things. For the last 7 months I’ve been

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Before You Grab Your Shopping Cart, Read This!

It was just another trip to Target, the “Mom” headquarters. As my Jeep made it’s way through the parking lot and passed the entrance to the store, I couldn’t find what I was looking for: the perfect parking space. The space near a double seated shopping cart, which would afford me enough space for my 10 month old twins, as well as my purchases. Out of luck, I pulled into a random space, whipped out my stroller, buckled my babies in, and off I went. On my list that day was a large box of diapers and a

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The Most Peaceful Christmas Ornament

This year will be our family’s first Christmas as a family of 4, and we couldn’t be more excited. As the holidays were approaching, I came across multiple articles that discussed Christmas traditions, many of which our 10 month old twins are too small to participate in. One tradition that Derrick and I have always done together though, was to get a new ornament for our tree every year. So, we thought, we’ll continue this tradition, while hopefully coming up with a way to

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The Gift Guide for the Practical Girl

If you’re anything like me, then it’s mid-December and you’re still wondering what to get friends and family for Christmas. While I’m still stumped on some gifts, I’ll spend some time trying to help you guys out! I know that not all of us here are “girly girl” types. You could be low-maintenance, or maybe you’re a new mom without as much time for self-care. I happen to be all of the above, and I bet you happen to know someone like me! These are gifts for the

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What Happens to Your Body After Baby

Alright, I know I’m not alone in saying that throughout my pregnancy, I searched up and down for tips on what pregnancy feels like, how big my babies should be, and so on. Everyone wants to know that their babies are on track, and that their own bodies are also doing well, right? We tend to worry when one little thing feels funny or hurts, and need reassurance, even if it’s just from an internet forum of other women. HOWEVER, do you know what I did almost ZERO research on?

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The Gift Guide for Any Fitness Fanatic


Are you stumped on what to get your gym-rat pal or family member for the holidays, or any other occasion? Well, I’m here to help! Whether it’s yoga or HIIT, I’ve got a few gift ideas that your fit friends will love. As someone who has ran the Army Ten Miler, then became a certified personal trainer, earned my CrossFit Level 1 certification, as well as my USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach certification, I’ve

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