What Happens to Your Body After Baby

Alright, I know I’m not alone in saying that throughout my pregnancy, I searched up and down for tips on what pregnancy feels like, how big my babies should be, and so on. Everyone wants to know that their babies are on track, and that their own bodies are also doing well, right? We tend to worry when one little thing feels funny or hurts, and need reassurance, even if it’s just from an internet forum of other women. HOWEVER, do you know what I did almost ZERO research on? What happens to our bodies after giving birth.

Humungous mistake. So, if you’re reading this, good job doing your homework! I’m going to fill you in on what will/might happen to your body after your precious babies arrive (besides “mom brain”) and you have been sent home. Keep in mind, I had vaginal deliveries with the twins so, I can’t speak for women who had c-sections. If you don’t want to be filled in, you should think again and read this anyway. There’s nothing wrong with bracing yourself for the glory of labor. Remember, these things don’t happen to everyone, so don’t be scared. If you read the story linked above, you’ll notice that my delivery wasn’t exactly routine!

  1. You will be swollen, possibly extremely, horribly swollen. With that said, your baby (or babies!) won’t be the only one wearing something resembling a diaper. You’ll be given a few ice packs and some underwear that resembles a hair net with leg holes to help your swollen lady parts. If your nurse says, “Wow, you’re realllllllly swollen,” let that sink in, then expect to wear this ensemble for at least a week.
  2. You’ll bleed for days. Maybe weeks. Not a panty liner kind of bleeding either. Like, an extra long, extra absorbent, you must wear granny-panties to keep it in place, kind of pad. So, when you’re done with what I described in number 1, you’ll move on to this. It’ll be disgusting.
  3. If you tear, your stitches might make numbers 1 and 2 even more intense. I was told that my stitches would fall out around 2 weeks. They did, BUT when they did, I thought they were blood clots. Not alarming at all. Also, don’t try to move too fast with those stitches…if you do, they’ll let you know that you should slow down.
  4. Your hips will not be where you left them. Sure, you’ll be able to find them, just probably not in the same place. Why does this matter? Because simple movements, like walking, lunging, or squatting, involve your hips. So, when you go to do these simple movements, you will feel lost. It’s okay though, because you and your baby can both learn to walk together…and he’ll do better than you.
  5. Your abs will also seem to have packed up and moved. They might be hiding out somewhere, or they might have gotten in a fight and relocated at least 10 miles from one another. Diastasis recti is real guys, and it feels scary to be able to almost fit your fist between your stomach muscles. You won’t even be able to do a sit up. Or half of a sit up. If this happens, fix it. I tried to, and although they’re somewhat together now, they’re crooked as ever. You’ve been warned. (FYI- It doesn’t matter how fit you are, this can still happen!)
  6. List of times that I would pee prior to babies: When I used the restroom. List of times that I might  pee after babies: When laughing, being startled, hiccuping, sneezing, jumping, landing, coughing, running, lifting heavy weights, and…when using the restroom.
  7. You may return to pre-baby weight sooner or later. Don’t get too excited though, because any extra space in your pants will be used to tuck your extra skin into. Or your lost abs. You might have to tuck those in too.
  8. Your hair will fall out. You can have a competition with your pets to see who sheds the most, and win.
  9. Are you pumping milk? Better make sure you pump on time, or else you’ll think your boobs are going to explode. You will now understand what an over-inflated balloon must feel like (if balloons had feelings). It doesn’t feel nice and you might end up with mastitis, which feels like the flu, but somehow worse.
  10. Your hearing will feel like it gets 1,000 times better. Before becoming pregnant, I could fall asleep anytime, anywhere, even while driving (doesn’t that make you feel safe?). After having the twins, I sleep incredibly light. I’ll wake up if a baby even thinks he’s going to fart.

And there we have it. There are likely things that I haven’t mentioned, but for the most part, these are the things that stand out to me, as far as my own post-partum body. While some of it sounds terrible, rest assured, every moment is totally worth it. Before having kids, I used to think, “labor sounds terrible…it’s not worth it,” but only after having babies, do I actually understand. I mean, look at these guys!

Feel free to comment or message me if you’d like to share your own body changes, or just leave something to make us all laugh!

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63 thoughts on “What Happens to Your Body After Baby

  1. Post baby body … ugh!!! Good read! And the joys are in our little angels, who cares that we have to rip our insides and outsides to nothing getting them in this world, lol!

  2. Omgggg I love this post! I’m not pregnant or ever been pregnant but my husband and I are talking about it so I love reading posts that talk about pregnancy. Or your life after it. Thanks so much for the insight!

  3. Yes, and yes. I’m glad people are talking a little more about these things now, because I was SOOO not prepared for the recovery after birth. And I’m pretty sure my abs will never look the same. I was feeling a little bummed one day about my flabby skin, and then I looked at a picture of myself 9 months pregnant, and I thought to myself, “WOW. No wonder my stomach looks like an oatmeal cookie!” Good thing the babies are cute….mostly.

  4. Wow! Well let me, let YOU all in on something. I am this little girls Dad, All 5 foot of her. I realized having twins with that size frame is a feat in itself and knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park but Lord knows she is tuff. Considering twins and the trails and tribulations of growing up… well I figured that the pregnancy might actually be the easy part. But then she writes stuff I didn’t need to read about! Why do I follow my kids blog? The details, please skip the details your dad reads this… why am I still being punished? You went into the Army and I thought oh good they have her now, but no I still worry. You get married and I think, oh good Derrick (aka Funguy) has her now. Wrong that just doubled, now there is two of us that worry. This is not working like I thought it would :)…. But I can’t say enough about the twins. Me and the better half miss the heck out of them. Went to visit and we didn’t even get out of the subdivision when we were leaving and we both were looking for Kleenex. You write a good blog squirt, I still love you ! Dad

  5. What a great post with SOOO much truth! I experienced all of the above… 3 times! but man the miracle and blessing that comes from all of the pain is so worth it!

    • I was wondering if anyone was going to let me know the similarities for c-section moms! Good to know and thanks for reading!

  6. Oh my word, the vanishing abs! Yes! After my second baby, it was like my abs just…quit. And I wasn’t ripped or chiseled or cut or any of the slang associated with looking fit, but my inability to perform basic ab exercises was alarming. Thankfully, after doing some hard work I can now achieve the common crunch 🙂

    • Yes! I have a history in weightlifting and it didn’t matter AT ALL! core strength= destroyed! It was a very long time until I could do a sit up!

  7. Loved this! So very true, all of it. I had 1 vaginal delivery with a fourth degree tear and repair, pelvic reconstructive surgery a year later to fix all the damage because it wasn’t repaired correctly. I had c-sections with my other two kids and that was a way better experience. I’m now a labor and delivery nurse!

    And I probably shouldn’t say this, but I’m gonna since this post was light and funny. We all say we’ve seen it all down there when we go to do a vag check to determine how dilated you are – and we have – but we’re secretly a little grateful to those who either plow the field bare or trim back the bushes. And trust me ladies, with all the bleeding that comes after having the baby … the less hair down there, the better. 🙂

    • Hahahahaha I love that little add in! So funny that you are an L&D nurse! When my nurse told me how swollen I was and seemed a little shocked, I was like…oh nooooo! If she was shocked, it must be horrifying! Thank you for reading and sharing your thought, I love it!

  8. So so true! I spent zero time on my abs pre-baby and now do abs everyday and they still don’t look anything close to what they used to 🙁 Oh and I’m still dealing with regrowth of my hair almost 2 years later, it’s terrible.

    • Ugh! Luckily, i have quite thick hair, but the shedding is way worse! Maybe someday we’ll all find our abs again, hiding somewhere😂

  9. Oh man, this was great. All so true, but it’s great to just laugh at what happens to your body sometimes. After I gave birth I almost didn’t believe there wasn’t another baby in there. I still looked 9 months pregnant. But my belly was a lot more mushy. Haha. You are right though, it’s so worth it.

    I’m about to have another baby, so thanks for refreshing my memory on what it’s going to be like. Lol!

    • Haha, you’re welcome! Congrats on the new addition! Yes, I forgot about the whole looking pregnant after! That was lasted quite awhile for me!

  10. Soooooo very true. I wish I had known about the ice packs and hips thing. Some people bounce back, most take time. I lose weight initially then I stall and can’t lose those last 15 pounds to save my life until I’m done breastfeeding.

    • I know that weight loss is on and off for a lot of my mom friends! Luckily, mine came off fairly quickly, but my body composition is farrrrr from what it was! I’m squishy!

  11. This list is such a breath of fresh air. So many women don’t want to admit that your body doesn’t shift right back to where it once was after a baby. Its a nine month transformation! And all nine months are totally worth the woes.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I agree, so worth it! I think you just have to make peace with what’s happening with your body and focus on the new little ones!

  12. Thankyou for sharing! I don’t have kids yet, but hopefully one day. I honestly have always wondered what exactly happened to your body after birth. I’m glad I’ve got a heads up before this stage comes.

    • Haha, thank you for reading! I know it wasn’t all pretty stuff on here, but it’s reality for a lot of us!

  13. As I had a c-section with my twins, I thankfully avoided a few after-effects on this list, but here is something that happens with the section: your tummy goes numb at the incision. It’s the strangest feeling when you’re showering. You can feel the incision/scar, but you can’t. Make sense? 😉 I was told it’ll feel like that for several months.
    And also, because of the incision your mom pooch is divided. Kind of leaves a funny-looking bulge at your bikini line, but that eventually lessens and blends a little better with the rest of the pooch. 😆

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