Before You Grab Your Shopping Cart, Read This!

It was just another trip to Target, the “Mom” headquarters. As my Jeep made it’s way through the parking lot and passed the entrance to the store, I couldn’t find what I was looking for: the perfect parking space. The space near a double seated shopping cart, which would afford me enough space for my 10 month old twins, as well as my purchases. Out of luck, I pulled into a random space, whipped out my stroller, buckled my babies in, and off I went. On my list that day was a large box of diapers and a week’s worth of groceries for my family. Since I would not have space in the basket of my stroller, my list was cut in half, and I would have to figure another time to drive 20 minutes back out to get the rest of my items.

I made peace with my trip not going as planned and navigated my way through the store to retrieve the necessities. As I was trying to shove a jug of milk under my stroller and make space for orange juice, I looked up to see someone with the coveted double-seated cart. Waiting patiently for his mother who was a few feet away, was ONE child, surrounded by groceries. That’s right ONE child. I immediately felt frustrated, thinking about how I was doing my best to fit a fraction of my grocery list beneath my babies’ seats. “Whatever,” I thought, as I went about my way. Some days you lose some, right?

As I made my way to the checkout aisles, I rushed (because I’m always in a rush) by another one of those dreamy, spacious shopping carts. This time there were two children in there, but guess what? They looked to be about 10-12 years old, just using the cart for sh*ts and giggles. This angered me even more. Here I am, compromising on my list, having to make TWO shopping trips, just because two kids wanted to play in a cart? What the heck!?

Parenting can be rough. Sometimes you need that double cart just to keep your kids within arms reach. I get that. Other times though, you might just be…dare I say it…inconsiderate. Inconsiderate of people like me, who depend on things like that cart, just to shop for our families. People like me, whose only other option might be to wait until our husbands come home, because we have no friends or family around to help. I understand that they make inserts for carts, where one child can sit behind the other. I shouldn’t have to purchase one of these though. Not when the cart that I needed should have been available to me.

Time is precious to all of us. Instead of wasting my time making extra trips, I’d rather use it on something more meaningful. So, PLEASE, the next time that you guys are out shopping, keep in mind the parents with multiple little ones. Keep in mind that just as there is not enough time in your day, there is not enough time in ours either.

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35 thoughts on “Before You Grab Your Shopping Cart, Read This!

  1. Oh my gosh, I SO relate!! I only going shopping at Target, Walmart, Home Depot, or Costco anymore because they’re the only stores with carts big enough! Ugh. And I do the same thing, circle the parking lot for a place next to a double cart and a cart corral, I don’t even care if it’s near the front of the store or not!

    • I’m glad I’m not alone here, haha! Sometimes I feel ridiculous making my shopping choices based on what kinds of carts they have, but I feel like I have to, just for the sake of convenience!

  2. Oh mama, I could feel your frustration just reading this. I’m sorry this is something you often deal with. One of my sisters has twins and has talked about the same struggle :-\ I know how difficult it is getting all the shopping done alone with just one baby, so I can’t even imagine…I think I would end up caving and asking a mom to switch carts with me and just hope she showed me some mercy. lol I’ve never gotten the chance to use one of those carts with my son but if I ever see one available, I’ll be sure to leave it in hopes a momma of two can grab it! Xo

    • Thank you!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate you saying that! My hope was that someone would read it and spare us a cart:) I hope your sister doesn’t run into the issue too often!

  3. How frustrating! I will soon be in your shoes… well sort of. 😉 I am due in Feb with my second and my kiddos will be 18 months apart. It’s hard enough shopping with 1… I am not looking forward to shopping with 2.

    • Oh boy! Well, first of all, I hope you’re pregnancy is going well! Second, it’s super not fun, haha, but you kind of start getting used to it after awhile, and then you really, really appreciate when you have a good outing!

  4. I have SO been there. and I’ve also put one in the front and one in the back, in a pinch…and gotten totally called out by the Home Depot staff 😉 Live and learn! lol

  5. I can feel you so bad here. I want to share this so that people without kids or with just one kid will know to leave that cart alone, so that people who need them can use them.

    • I’m glad some other parents can understand! Sharing would be great, I feel like there are other people in the same boat, and we always end up just having to chalk it up to a loss:(

  6. This happens a lot in life. Parents need to think about what they allow their older to children to do and how it will affect other people. These are important life lessons!

  7. Oh my gosh… That drives me insane every single time!! I did the two kids in the one regular cart thing yesterday. Trying to shove everything in the space underneath. You’d think with the number of mom’s that make up the Target shopping base they would invest in a few more of those carts!

  8. Aw I’m so sorry this happened to you. I can’t imagine doing all that shopping without a cart. I don’t have children so please excuse me if this is an ignorant suggestion…have you ever tried using a baby carrier for one baby and putting the other in the cart? Not for every shopping trip but maybe in those situations when you can’t get a double-seated one? Just curious if that’s something you’ve tried before.

    • Hi Sharon! Thanks for the suggestion! The issue with that is that usually while I’m out, they also have to eat. I’m an exclusive pumper and have to pump about every two hours to produce enough milk, so my window to shop is usually pretty tiny and coincides with a snack of feeding time. They also enjoy the stores (I think they love all the lights!) and want to look around and kick around, so they don’t appreciate the carrier much☹️

  9. That’s so tough! Good on you for accepting the situation and owning it like a boss. Sometimes that’s the hardest part lol. I too wish with all my heart people could become more considerate of one another, particularly to mums of lil ones!

  10. Yeah some people just dont think about others! I get annoyed when I see kids playing with the electric scooter carts too since I know there are people that really need them. I usually call them out lol

    • Haha, you’re a good person! I wish I was a little more vocal and could call people out on things like that!

  11. I have used the double cart with one child before. My daughter has a hard time sitting in the other carts. She will cry and complain that it hurts her girl parts. It’s not always someone being selfish. I’m sorry if it causes an inconvenience for parents needing it for two children but I’d rather my daughter not be in pain. I don’t feel comfortable with letting her walk when we have a big shopping trip. I’m scared I may get distracted making sure I’ve gotten everything on my list or she might run off.

    • I totally understand that! I don’t believe that everyone with one child is being selfish either! This post was more for the folks who are unreasonably using the doubles, and sort of just letting their kids “play”, or have children who are certainly capable of walking freely and old enough to do so!

  12. We had a problem not with carts but with inconsiderate people when it comes to the family restrooms. My husband, our 2 year old, 6 month old and myself were heading to the family restroom because both of us had to go and both kids needed changed. When that happens we of course tag team. One starts changing the kids while the other is using the toilet then change. Anyways a woman was walking her son who looked to be 10 to the restroom. He was heading to the men’s room like a big boy. He’s mom looked at us seen we were heading to the family restroom and immediately told her son no don’t use that one use this one right here. I was so infuriated at that point that I looked at my husband and said I guess you hold this one and I’ll go to the womens room and then we’ll switch. Another couple heard me and looked to see what was going on. After i had already walked into the women’s room the boy came out and him and his mom started to walk away. The other couple immediately said something along the lines of imagine so sorry some people are so inconsiderate clearly you and your wife needed to use the family restroom and that woman’s son is old enough to go to the bathroom on his own she should have let you use the family restroom for what it is there for FAMILIES. My husband said thank you to the couple and the woman turned around and shot them all dirty looks.

    • That’s a great point to bring up! We basically always look for a family rest room and do some teamwork as well, and it’s pretty frustrating when situations like yours happen! It’s hard enough already sometimes, just to get out of the house! So nice that someone stood up for you guys though, and proved that people can be considerate and compassionate!

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