Must Have Items for Pumping Moms

Hi there, fellow pumpers! If you’re stopping by here, my guess is either that you’ve already started pumping and are dying to make it a better experience, or you’re an expecting mama who wants to be prepared. Pumping can be a tedious experience, so I’d like to share a few things with you that might make things a little easier. I’m now 10 months into my pumping journey for my twins and aside from just my breastpump, I’ve picked up a few items along the way to simplify things. For the last 7 months I’ve been exclusively pumping, so, it’s not that I’m a pro or anything, but I’ve settled into a pretty good routine with it.

Below is a list of my favorite things, along with short little ditty on what I love about each item or why I prefer having it around. Feel free to click on each gold link or photo if you’d like to learn more! (This post may contain a few affiliate links. Don’t worry, if you purchase something through the link, you won’t pay any extra, but I might make a few cents to help keep Two Boys One Pup up and running!)

1. The obvious…a trusty pump!

I’ve been using the Medela In-Style after I had to give up my hospital grade pump. My goal has been to make it to a year with it, and we’re still going strong. If you question how long this pump will last, remember that I exclusively pump for twins who eat around 7-10 ounces per feeding, for 4 feedings per day! That’s a lot of pumping!

2.   Hands-free pumping bra

Because of all of the time I spend pumping, I like to be able to have my hands free while pumping. This means I can work on the blog, fold laundry, etc., all while pumping! Otherwise, I’d lose a few hours per day where I am just plain unproductive (besides the production of milk!). Above is the exact bra that I’ve been using thus far.

3.    Nursing Sleep Bra

I’ve been wearing a “sleep bra” as much as possible since having mastitis 3 times. It’s not too tight and not too loose, and I can roll it up easily to pump. It’s also quite comfortable.

4.    A Large Cup of Water!

We’re always told to stay hydrated before and after pregnancy, however I had NO idea just how thirsty I would be. I’ve never drank more in my entire life, than after having my twins! Keeping hydrated also helps keep your supply up! My husband and I love Yeti cups. They keep drinks ice cold or as hot as you’d like.

5.    Extra Pump Parts

Sometimes we may think that our pump is going bad, when really we just need to replace some parts. My pump has replacement sets that you can buy, or you can buy specific pieces. Either way, before replacing your whole pump and putting yourself out a couple of hundred dollars, try replacing your parts first! Have them on hand at all times, if possible, in case you need a replacement right away. I know that other brand pumps also have replacement kits!

6.    Travel Tote

If you have to pump at work or are a traveler, you’ll love the convenience of having a tote. I was able to get a pump that came with a handy tote and extra storage compartments. If you don’t purchase a pump with a tote though, try this one, which has received great reviews!

7.    Breastmilk Storage Bags

Milk storage bags will save you quite a bit of space, versus having to buy numerous bottles for storage. You can stack bags and have freezer space to spare! I like Lansinoh bags, which have been redesigned and are more sturdy than they used to be! They’re also a little cheaper than competing brands. Helpful tip, buy in bulk if you know you’ll need a lot. You’ll save quite a bit of cash!

8.    Sharpies

You’ll probably want to label your milk if your supply is good enough, and you won’t want your writing to smudge or run. Have a permanent marker on hand! Clearly, you don’t need this colorful set, but I’ll do anything to make pumping seem more fun than it is. You can also use labels if you’d like!

9.    Pump Cover

Once again, if you travel or pump at work, you will be more comfortable with a cover. I love this cover by Boppy, which is long enough and wide enough that I can pump in the car and not feel like the world is watching me hook myself up to a machine!

10.    Book, phone, ipad, etc.

Um. Pumping is boring. I always have something with my to stay occupied…otherwise I just think about how much I dislike pumping. I have no link for you here, because it’s entirely up to whatever you prefer to do while you pump!

Those are my top 10 pumping essentials. If you have anything to add or any feedback on your favorite items, feel free to share in the comments!

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73 thoughts on “Must Have Items for Pumping Moms

  1. I used most of these when I pumped for my DD. I wish I could have gone longer. Made it 3 long months of struggling due to a misdiagnosed disease. I am hoping to pump longer this next time. I do always know that donor milk is a possibility again. Hope for a better time this next time.

  2. Great tips! I love that medela pump too. I got basically the same one from my insurance company and it is amazing! I found I produce more late at night/early in the morning so that’s when I sit down and pump to build up my back to work freezer supply lol.

  3. Great list! I got that same pump with my last pregnancy and I love it. I’m pregnant with our 3rd right now and will be nursing and pumping again very soon! And the water, snacks, and entertainment are absolute musts!

    • Yes! I’ve almost gotten in a pickle while traveling and if it wasn’t for extra parts, I would’ve been SOL!

  4. I had the same pump and loved it! Pumping dually was a must and a time saver. I always wished I had bought a hands free bra! Good job and keep it up, mama!!

    • Thank you! I’ve heard mostly good things from other moms about this pump! The hands-free bra is definitely a lifesaver:)

  5. I love that you added the water on here – it really is so important!! So many times I considered buying the hands-free bra, but I just never did it. Maybe I’ll get one this time! Thanks for sharing <3

  6. Great advice! I will especially encourage people to get the extra parts!! You do NOT want to be stuck without a working pump!

    One I would add to the list is a battery pack if your pump does not come with one. I got my Medela through my insurance, and it only came with the electrical power cord. I immediately bought a battery pack, because you just never know when you’re going to find yourself somewhere without an outlet or lost power. I have had to express by hand, and it is not fun!

    The one thing on this list I haven’t tried is the hands-free pumping bra. I have thought about it a lot, but just haven’t gone for it. Your recommendation is making me consider it even more! 🙂

    • I agree with the battery pack! I’ve used that quite a few times when I’m in a random place without a plug in! Not all nursing stations out in public have outlets! I highly, highly recommend the bra. It has given me a little extra freedom…if there is a such thing while pumping:)

  7. My son is 13 months and I’m still pumping at work. The Medela hands free bra is a lifesaver! I would also recommend to anyone pumping at work to leave an extra set of parts at work. I actually have two pumps, so 1 I keep at home and 1 in the car for work or traveling, but I left all my parts at home once and had to sneak out of work for a target run in the middle of the day!

  8. YES YES YES! I lived on Netflix, lots of water, and a good nursing bra. I just never got into the double-pump nursing bra! It never worked for me (my boobs were HUGE with my first kiddo!)

  9. I couldn’t get pumping down with my first and i’m STILL breastfeeding him 15 months later! Hoping that I can pump with number two! Thanks for sharing!

    • Ah good luck! My babies were in the NICU for awhile and were fed partially by tubes at first, so I had to start pumping from the get-go! I would say just try and stick with it once you start!

  10. I liked a manual pump for anytime I had to pump on the go … I couldn’t get the auto pump to be as efficient using the car adapter. Great list though!! I used almost all these, except the hands free pumping bra, because I didn’t do a lot of pumping this time.

  11. I’ve been wanting a hands free pumping bra but im afraid of not being able to find one to fit! I already have a hard time with nursing and even normal bras lol

    I will agree though that water and a phone or tablet are pumping must-haves

    • Oh boy! You might want to do some research online then! I’m small chested, medium chested with milk, haha, so I haven’t run into that issue!

  12. I loved my hands free bra. It really helped when I had to pump for the last few months of my first daughters, first year. I loved manual pumps too, they were good to have on hand – you never know.

  13. I also pumped for my twins and made it a year. A hands free bra was definitely a must. I also just got a Yeti, and wish I would have had it then. I also loved those sleeping/nursing bras. Extra pump parts were so helpful too. Great list!

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