Why We Supplement with Organic Formula

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Since their birth last February, our twin boys, H and H, have consumed breast milk to their little hearts’ content. As many of you know, I’m an exclusive pumper and have been fortunate enough to keep a generous milk supply for almost a year. What you may not have known, is that they consumed formula to supplement their feedings during their NICU stay. This was to assist

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Valentine’s Day Handprint Art Fail, and Why I Love It

Okay Pinterest addicts, you are going to be disappointed here. Let me just remind all of you, that it’s the thought that counts, right? The crafts that my children and I have created are not the typical ones that you have seen. They aren’t the dictionary definition of pretty, they were not well-done, and the end result does not look like something that we could sell on Etsy. After you check out our activity, I’ll tell you why I still LOVE our results!

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Why is Your Face Flat? Building an Inner Voice…

Over the past few months, my twins, H and H, have become more mobile, more vocal, and absolutely more expressive. They now have tones to their squeals when something is wrong, and also when something is right. For the better part of each day, they are so, so happy. Their laughter fills their playroom and their little smiles surface so easily. As a new parent, I am in awe of

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My Diaper Bag Essentials

As a mom of twins, I keep a pretty full diaper bag when we go out. I often think, “maybe I could leave a few diapers out,” or “maybe I don’t need these extra onesies,” but I don’t actually end up leaving anything out. Why? Because I know that my kids aren’t thinking, “maybe I won’t explosively crap myself today.” Still though, I don’t like lugging around extra stuff…I already have an extra baby to carry (kidding)! My guess though, is that YOU don’t want to carry extra things either, so I’ve decided to let you in on what’s in my diaper bag, how much of each item I have, and what I

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My Journey to Fitness

If you have been following @twoboysonepup on Instagram since our start in August, you’re probably aware that I have some sort of history in fitness. Our Instagram feed has a small collection of fitness videos, where I share a little piece of my post-partum fitness journey. I’ve had some folks inquire about my workouts after having the twins, but I feel that I need to explain the way that I worked out prior to becoming pregnant, in order for everything to make sense. I don’t want

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