My Journey to Fitness

If you have been following @twoboysonepup on Instagram since our start in August, you’re probably aware that I have some sort of history in fitness. Our Instagram feed has a small collection of fitness videos, where I share a little piece of my post-partum fitness journey. I’ve had some folks inquire about my workouts after having the twins, but I feel that I need to explain the way that I worked out prior to becoming pregnant, in order for everything to make sense. I don’t want anyone getting hurt, or thinking that slinging barbells without proper instruction is a good idea! (This post may contain ads or affiliate links, which help to keep the site running at no cost to you!)

If we’re starting way back, then I can tell you that I played soccer as a kid. I was a decent runner, and considering my lack of hand-eye coordination, soccer was perfect. Endurance was something I had, and maybe something that I still do. After elementary and middle school, I played a semester of soccer in an indoor league just for fun, and that was it.

For the next 4 years I didn’t work out at all. I just lived my life, whatever that means to someone between 18 and 21 years old…

When I was 22, I began my time in the military. As you may imagine, we did plenty of push-ups, sit-ups, and running, which I thought had whipped me into shape. Certainly, it was the most physical activity I had done in years, and my love for working out started to grow. During this time, I had also heard about CrossFit (CF). I wasn’t too interested, until I was looking for workouts to do while off-duty in Afghanistan. It was there that I met some folks who taught me the basics, and the rest I had learned off of YouTube videos. I also continued running and was able to run my longest distance during the Army Ten Miler. I completed it with a pace of 7:12 per mile, something I’m still proud of!

In 2012, I returned to the U.S. and joined a CF gym, where I not only met amazing friends, but was also able to improve my level of fitness. I was able to satisfy my love for endurance activities, but also have the satisfaction of having a tough workout done in less than 20 minutes if necessary. I even did a couple of competitions for fun with other gym members and had a blast. Eventually, I attended the CrossFit Level 1 Course to become a coach. During this time, I had also obtained a personal trainer’s certification, which I never ended up using.

It was through CF that I was introduced to weightlifting. For those of you who don’t know, I’m referring to these movements: the clean and jerk and the snatch. Even though I had taught CF classes on and off from 2012-2016 in Kansas and Germany, for most of that time, I focused most of my own workouts around weightlifting. I had a wonderful coach who was kind enough to believe in me and encourage me to compete. As the queen of indecision, I needed the support of friends and family, otherwise I would have never been brave enough to hit the platform.

Photo credit: @hookgrip

I learned that I had qualified for several national level weightlifting meets between 2012 and 2015, and did actually attend one. At the 2013 American Open, I earned 11th place in the country. My numbers had tied me for 10th, but in the event of a tie, the higher ranking goes to the person who weighed in lightest. That meet was one of my favorite fitness related moments, and I will never forget it.

During my training for the American Open, I had attended the USA Weightlifting coaching course and earned a coaching certification. Although I hadn’t attended another national meet due to cost and priorities shifting, I continued almost exclusively weightlifting all the way until about 3 months into my pregnancy. At that point, my belly had gotten too big for me to perform my lifts without sacrificing form, or changing my movement patterns.

When I wasn’t able to do my traditional lifts any more, I continued to do CrossFit workouts in addition to some body building exercises until the day my water broke. I did nothing unsafe and had my doctor’s approval to workout. I wanted to retain strength and stay healthy for all three of us.

My delivery didn’t go as planned and I wasn’t able to get back to lifting as quickly as I wanted to. Many of you know, we ended up having to move from Germany to the US in order to have extra medical care available for Hudson. This put even more of a damper on my dreams of getting into a fitness routine with my new babies. Through all of the chaos (that is still happening!), I’ve finally found somewhat of a groove again.

I’m glad I’m able to share my fitness journey up to this point with you all, and like many of you out there, I’ve got a long way to go until I reach where I want to be again. For those who have been following fitness related posts on Instagram, thank you so much! I’ve appreciated every comment of support and truly enjoy cheering you all on, as well. Fitness looks different on all of us and there are a million roads to being “fit”. Someone once told me to trust the work that I put in, so I want to say the same to you guys. Becoming happy and healthy won’t happen over night. Work hard and trust the work you put in. The results will come, I promise.


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41 thoughts on “My Journey to Fitness

    • Thanks, Kayla, you look great though! It’s a battle sometimes for sure, sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t spend the time on myself! I appreciate you reading😊

    • It does! I love supporting anyone’s journey, no matter where they are in it, or what they’re doing to attain their desired goal!

  1. This is very inspiring. I worked out until my 40th week of pregnancy. I had a scheduled c-section, but I was determined to do what I could as long as I could. I’m happy to hear you are back to your plan even with everything life has thrown at you.

  2. After my two babies (last July), I decided I would work out hard to get in shape. I worked out hard for 4 months and tried my best to eat healthy. I saw results….. now I am in a standpoint. 🙁 You have motivated me to start back again!

  3. So inspiring. I had a high risk pregnancy due to a previous miscarriage. I was on bed rest so I barely could work out. After having him it was so hard to get back into working out. If you keep pushing it is worth it.

  4. I love CrossFit! I’m not athletic in the slightest so it’s the support that keeps me going. I hope you get back into your routine soon. Twins are hard so take care of yourself first! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! The support has always been amazing in CF gyms, sounds like you’ve had a good experience!

  5. Love this! I also think it is important for other women to realize and know someone’s history with fitness before comparing their own postpartum fitness journey. If you were very active before and during pregnancy, your body is probably going to rebound a lot faster than someone that was not active or in shape before getting pregnant.

    • Yes! Thanks for reading, Amber! Everyone’s fitness journey is so different before AND after babies! One thing we all have in common that I’ve seen, is we all benefit from a little support😊

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