My Diaper Bag Essentials

As a mom of twins, I keep a pretty full diaper bag when we go out. I often think, “maybe I could leave a few diapers out,” or “maybe I don’t need these extra onesies,” but I don’t actually end up leaving anything out. Why? Because I know that my kids aren’t thinking, “maybe I won’t explosively crap myself today.” Still though, I don’t like lugging around extra stuff…I already have an extra baby to carry (kidding)! My guess though, is that YOU don’t want to carry extra things either, so I’ve decided to let you in on what’s in my diaper bag, how much of each item I have, and what I stopped carrying. This will all apply for you moms with littles who are less than a year old! Click the gold links or the photos for more information on each item! (This post may contain affiliate links, which help me to keep the site running at no extra cost to you! This simply means that if you purchase an item, I may receive commision.)


1. Let’s start by showing you my diaper bag!

I went with a Very Bradley bag, because the handles are super long and I knew that packing for two kiddos was going to be a challenge. The inside of the diaper bag is also vinyl, so you can simply wipe it clean if something spills. It’s been great so far, and the only other options I’ve considered are backpack styles like the JuJuBe Be Right Back or just a regular backpack with good pocket options.

2. Clearly, there are diapers in there. Everyone has their brand preference, so of course, go with whatever pleases you. Target usually has some great deals!

3. Baby Wipes

I prefer to have a travel pouch like this, because it stops the wipes from sticking to one another. Isn’t it annoying when you try to grab one and a string of 4 come out?

4. Diaper Cream

Aquaphor is hands down my favorite. Hudson’s skin is a little sensitive and we’ve had the best luck with this. It has been sold out at stores nearby, so I suggest ordering online, or going for our second favorite, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. FYI: There are smaller, more travel friendly sizes for your diaper bag!

5. Bottles or Cups

Clearly, this will depend on age. At first we only took bottles, but as we’ve neared the one-year mark, we’re experimenting with cups. Above you can click to find out more about the Medela bottles that we use, as well as one of our current cups. FYI: We stuck with Medela bottles, because I’m able to pump right into them! Oh, and if you use formula, don’t forget to pack what you need for that too!

6. Poop Bags

I know, when you think of poop bags, you think of your dog right? Well, sometimes you have an emergency butt change to do and no way to dispose of the diaper. These are JUST like the bags you use for your dog, and protect other items from the stench of germs of your baby’s diaper! You will thank yourself for having these on hand. To be honest, you don’t need to buy multiple packages, because you won’t run into this issue TOO often.

7. Bibs

The first bibs here are similar to the current ones we are using. We like things with pockets at the bottom, not that the boys are eating more solids. You can wipe them off easily, so I only travel with one per baby. The second were our favorite from when they were mostly bottle drinkers. The round, fluffy neck caught any drool or milk that would run down, before it got to their shirts, unlike most other bibs. The amount you pack will depend on how long you’ll be out, but generally one per meal. The boys had bad reflux, so bibs were soiled quickly.

8. Muslin Blankets

Okay, I was skeptical about Aden & Anais swaddle blankets at first. They seemed pricey and I wasn’t sure why. After having them though, they are THE best. Why do I say this? Because they’ve come in handy for so many things besides swaddling. They’re about double the size of the average receiving blanket, making them great nursing covers, picnic blankets, stroller covers, carseat covers, play mats, shopping cart liners, and the list goes on. I promise, if you don’t use them as swaddles, you will still use them. I carry one at least one at all times, and sometimes have an extra in my car.

9. Burp Cloths

Are you wondering what that is a photo of? Does it not look like burp cloths? That’s because they’re cloth diapers. A friend had given me some at a baby shower and swore they’d be the BEST burp clothes. She was so right! It makes sense anyway, diapers are absorbent, so why wouldn’t these work to soak up spit up? If there is one mom hack that I love for my diaper bag, it’s this! Not to mention, you’ll get quite a few in a pack, so it’s a bit of a cash saver too! My bag usually has two packed. For a short trip to the store though, I might only pack one, especially if the trip doesn’t coincide with meal time.

10. Teething Toys

My babies happen to be teething right now, but if yours aren’t, you might still want to have something like this on hand. During diaper changes, babies tend to get distracted and not want to lay still. Since I don’t like poopy hands, I give them a toy to hold onto while I change their butts. It keeps them in place and makes the change easier! These Nuby teethers take up almost zero extra space in your bag, so they’re easy to take along! Pack one per baby, if you have more than one little!

11. Snacks

My kids are at an age where the can eat and LOVE puffs. Usually, they get Gerber, but we’ve tried a few brands, which they have never had a problem with. Your snacks will depend on your baby’s age, so choose one that’s appropriate! We also sometimes pack solid foods like chicken or vegetables, it really just depends on how long we’ll be gone.

12. Onesies

Nothing fancy here. I usually carry one extra plain onesie per baby for a trip that’s a day or just a few hours. They’re cheap, come in packs, and I’m not sad if they completely ruin one. I wouldn’t go crazy spending extra money on spare clothes. There’s a 100% chance that many of them will get stained somehow.

13. Water

Are you guys tired of me telling you to drink water in my posts? It’s because I’m an exclusive pumper and I’m always thirsty, so I’m assuming you’re thirsty too. But seriously, even if you’re a formula feeder, bring yourself a drink or a snack! You’ll be sad when you realize that you have to share Puffs with your kids.

14. Hand Sanitizer

I’m not a germaphobe, but I don’t love them either. You might make a routine out of using hand sanitizer before and after every change, before breaking up food for your littles, or prepping a bottle. If so, you’ll run through it pretty quick. These little guys are convenient, but you’ll save some money by getting a bulk package! Attach one to your diaper bag and when you get low, just switch it out!

14. Pacifier

When my guys were little, they used pacifiers more frequently. Currently, they aren’t big on pacifiers, but they’ll use these Nuby Snoozies, because they’re more like little toys for them. The pacifier portion comes in different sizes, so you can purchase the right size for your baby (the plush part will actually attach to most other pacis as well). A snuggle toy and pacifier in one? Yes, please!

What I STOPPED Carrying and Why:

  1. Different Types of Snacks: You’ll learn what your baby likes, and once you do, you don’t need 2 flavors of puffs, yogurt melts, teething crackers, and a bunch of pouches. Choose one or two and call it good.
  2. Too Many Extra Bottles: I had packed extra for so long, thinking they might get extra hungry. Let’s face it, you won’t want to risk your milk going bad, spilling, and so on. Plan according to how long you expect to be out and then go from there.
  3. An Excess of Blankets: “What if one gets dirty?” It probably won’t. This is the sort of thing you can keep extra of in your car. They kind of take up a lot of diaper bag space and I’ve only needed a backup MAYBE once.
  4. Excess Bibs- Once again, plan according to the duration of your outing. If your baby is extra messy, then okay. Other than that, extra in your car should be fine.
  5. Excess Toys- Kids this young are pretty easily amused. My boys are still amazed at getting to look around at their surroundings no matter where we are. Generally, up until their current age, nothing more than a crinkly toy or a teething toy have been needed for shorter trips.

If you have anything to contribute that YOU love to carry, feel free to add it in the comments. Once again, this was meant for moms with littles that are just less than a year old!

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38 thoughts on “My Diaper Bag Essentials

  1. I definitely need to go through our diaper bag. It’s so jam packed, i’m not sure exactly what is in there anymore, but I know there are a lot of old toys and bibs we haven’t used in ages! What kind of cup is that? I am on the hunt of a cup that doesn’t leak and will help my son not dribble out all the water he drinks.

    • Hi Kate! It’s a Munchkin 360, if you click the photo, you can get then info on it! There is also one without handles, but mine are still needing handles on their cups!

    • Thanks, Kristie! Whenever I have too many extra items, I get so annoyed, because then I can’t get to the important stuff!

  2. I especially like what you don’t need to pack. As a mom of three, I pack super light now and see other moms carrying everything, everyday. I learned to wing it most of the time and if I forget something, oh well. #mombrain. lol

    • Haha! Thank you! There are times when we take short trips to the store and I bring nothing, and just hope for the best!😂

  3. You are so organized! I’m on baby number 3 and sometimes I’m so bad about just grabbing a diaper and a pack of wipes…I know that will bite me in the butt one day lol

  4. Oh with twins I know your bag is full… mine is too and I’ve got one babe. Although my toddler always adds to it! Haha. I agree though, they always blow out when you don’t have supplies. And the toys… there is always something you can find to entertain them, don’t have to bring a toy bin along 🙂

    • Thanks for reading! I’m scared of what my bag will look like in the next year when they get harder to please, haha!

  5. These are some great tips! One thing I found that was helpful in my diaper bag was a spare shirt for me. I never knew if my boobs were going to leak out onto my shirt or if I’d get spitup on it. Great post!

  6. You must have a very big bag! I used to carry so many things in my bag but not nearly as much because I don’t have twins. Definitely a good list for first time moms to make sure that they are prepared!

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