Valentine’s Day Handprint Art Fail, and Why I Love It

Okay Pinterest addicts, you are going to be disappointed here. Let me just remind all of you, that it’s the thought that counts, right? The crafts that my children and I have created are not the typical ones that you have seen. They aren’t the dictionary definition of pretty, they were not well-done, and the end result does not look like something that we could sell on Etsy. After you check out our activity, I’ll tell you why I still LOVE our results!

If you Google “handprint art,” you will see a few examples of what we were trying to recreate. Basically, the idea was to use finger paint and make handprints into the shape of hearts on white paper. After they dried, we would cut out the heart shapes. We would then cut pink or red paper hearts that were slightly larger, and glue the handprints to those. Last, we would write “To Dad, Love Hudson” on one, and the other would read “To Dad, Love Hunter.” If things were going well, we’d make extra to send to the grandparents. In case you were wondering, there were no extras made. Simple enough, right?

According to some Pinterest links that I found, this activity would be possible with almost one-year olds. So, we hopped in the Jeep I bundled up the babies, put them in their carseats, bundled myself up, and we headed to Walmart for supplies. Afterward, we proceeded home to begin our big activity!

We were off to rough start. I put down a cheap plastic table cloth to protect our furniture from the paint. Hudson immediately started eating the table cloth. I know, you’re thinking, “can’t she just tape that down?!” NO. No, I can’t. Why? Because when I did, he bit the table instead, so….let’s move on.

Still trying to be neat, I put the finger paint onto a crappy plastic plate, so I could put their hands in it. I knew I would need to guide their little paws through, which was fine. Hunter was the first (baby) man up. I put his hand in the plate and he made a fist. Then he slapped the plate. Perfect! The paint was now also on his palm and we could place it onto the paper. He madea fist on the paper too, then opens his palm, while still in contact with the paper. Ladies and gentlemen, we created a blob. After that, I tried to place his hand on other parts of the paper, but all hope was lost.

After cleaning Hunter off, Hudson was ready for his turn. As you can see, he was super interested.

He did the EXACT same thing as his brother. Twins to a T, my friends. So, we ended up with a bunch of blobs on paper, with some areas that resembled little fingers. After making the big trip to the store (because going out with twins this age is kind of a task) and trying to prepare, this is what we ended up with:

Was I mad? Not in the least bit. I actually feel that our crafts came out absolutely perfectly. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if they came out picturesque. The purposes of trying to make Valentine’s Day cards for dad were to a) obviously, make a card, b) do an activity together and c) commemorate the twins’ first V-Day. We accomplished all of those. It’s not like my husband is going to look at the cards and tell us that we did a horrible job!

Years down the road, we will still be able to look back at their messy little handprints and reminisce about making them. I HIGHLY doubt we’ll look back and be sad that we made these, or criticize ourselves for our lack of art skills. For all of you out there who have had Pinterest fails with your kiddos, please think twice before you trash anything, or get too sad that something didn’t turn out as planned. You still made memories and you have something funny to laugh at in the future!

FYI: We’re still going to write “To Dad, Love Hudson,” and “To Dad, Love Hunter” on these. They are still cards:)

Have you all had any Pinterst fails? How did you feel about them? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!



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43 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Handprint Art Fail, and Why I Love It

  1. My son is 20 months old and it’s more difficult now than it’s ever been to do a handprint craft. I attempted a handprint mug for Christmas that I was going to do a great DIY post on…well… They turned out perfect for grandparents but man was it a mess! I ended up doing stamps for Valentine’s Day. Maybe next year LOL

  2. It’s still cute! I pressed my babies hands in clay when they were 2 months old. It was so hard to get them to uncurl their fingers, and I felt bad really pressing it down to get the print. They don’t mention that on Pinterest.

  3. I love it! This is pretty much what happened when we tried to make Father’s Day cards in June (11 months old!). I ended up making two and just traced their hands with colored pencils for the others! Even if it didn’t work out perfectly, you’ll remember it 🙂

    • That’s a great idea! My friend also suggested an ink pad and coloring it in! I’m going to use your idea or the ink pad next time😂

  4. Hi, Leighann. You’re very descriptive and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Yes, even the messes (non-Pinterest or Instagram-worthy) are treasures.

    I still have some imperfect Perfection pieces in my memory box from when my boys were small.

    Adoring those precious chubby little hands. so cute…

    Shared on Pinterest and Stumbleupon for you.

    Have a lovely day + more un-Pinteresting moments with your boys. ^_^

    Sara @

    • Thank you, Sara! I know I’ll look back and miss these days, no matter how the crafts turned out:) Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you! And how sweet! I hope to save as many art projects as possible, I don’t think I’ll want to throw anything away!

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