How to Survive the First Year with Twins

Well, folks, we’ve made it! In just a few days, our twins will be one whole year old and we’re all still alive. Despite losing a little sanity and a lot of sleep, we’ve gained plenty of patience and baby knowledge. If you’re expecting twins, you might be freaking out a little about how the first year will go. Don’t lie, you’ve been scouring Google and Pinterest trying to figure out how to deal.

If you’ve reached this page, lucky you! I’m here to give you my top tips to help you survive your first year with twins. Keep in mind, I’m a brand new mom and have had no prior children. Each of these tips has helped me immensely, so I hope they can help you too! (This post may contain affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, these links help me to keep this website up and running.)

1. Get those babies on a schedule!

You’re not going to sleep much at first, because your twins will need to eat. Do you know how to get even LESS sleep? By having to feed them separately. If you start in the NICU, they can help get your newborns on a schedule, because they’ll probably function according to a schedule as well. Our NICU did this and when we took our babies home, we kept the same routine as best we could. Everyone did the same things at the same times. To this day, H and H are still eating and sleeping in sync.

2. Plan, plan, plan!

What’s worse than going for a diaper run with a newborn? Going for a diaper run with two newborns. Whether you are buying in bulk somewhere like Sam’s Club, or ordering online through Amazon Prime, you don’t want to run out of essentials like diapers, butt cream, or wipes. (Mom hack: With Amazon, you can subscribe to have items automatically delivered, so you won’t even have to remember to buy them!) The same goes for YOUR needs. Set yourself up for success, don’t set yourself for a trip to the store just to get deodorant or orange juice. It’s annoying. If you can, plan your meals ahead as well. Some days don’t work out and dinner time rolls around without you realizing it. You’ll have no time to cook, and also haven’t eaten since the night before. It’s miserable.


3. Accept when days don’t go so smoothly.

As I mentioned above, sometimes things won’t work out so well. Instead of dwelling on it, just move on. Those babies are new here and didn’t have diaper blow outs on purpose, so calm down. They also didn’t mean to get their poop on you, so don’t take it personally. What you should take, is a deep breath. With twins, you kind of have to go with the flow a little bit. I know I said to set a schedule, but that schedule has to have a little give.

4. Remember that these days won’t last forever.

When it’s getting real tough and you think you’re not going to make it, you will. These newborn days that can be draining will pass. You won’t always have spit up on your shirt and you won’t need to shampoo your carpet because your twins projectile vomitted simutaneously. Instead of focusing on the bad, focus on the good. Maybe even have a good laugh or two if you can. Not maybe, definitely do this.


My husband is a superhero. He has gone to work and come home to help me EVERY.SINGLE.DAY (except when traveling for work). I bet you anything that there are times when he wants to come home and nap, but he knows that I would appreciate any help I can get. So, what does he do? He helps me. He changes diapers, helps me cook dinner, grabs me a snack while I’m pumping, listens to me complain vent, and so on. If you treat parenting like a team effort, it is far, far easier. 

6. Accept Help from Others!

We don’t live near family or our besties, but I sure wish we did. My husband can’t be around for everything we do. There have been doctor visits where I lugged both twins up flights of stairs because I was lost. There have been trips to the store where I couldn’t get what I needed because the babies were upset. The list goes on. I’m an independent person, but I’ll also admit that I could’ve used an extra hand on more than one occasion. If you have help around, utilize it! Don’t take advantage, but don’t put yourself in a stressful situation if you don’t have to. AND, you might even get to go to Target by yourself!

7. Prepare! Have items that will assist you, not just diapers and wipes!

I wrote a post of must have items for newborns, specifically twins. These are all things that made my life easier, and will make yours easier as well. You only have two arms, and as your first year passes, those babies will grow like weeds. You’ll want a place for them to peacefully nap or play, without any worry. You’ll need a way to get them around, feed them, etc. All of the answers to your problems are on that list! (If you’re wondering what to pack in a diaper bag, find out here!)

8. Give yourself grace.

Please do this. If you’re a first time mom, bringing a new baby home is hard enough. Add another baby, plus your ZERO experience on parenting, and you’re going to be emotionally frazzled. Twins are rough. You’re going to feel like your screwing up x2. When you feel that way, remember that you are your own worst critic.You’re going to survive. If I made it this far, you can too. Your house might not be the neatest all the time(ain’t nobody got time for that), you might need to order a lot of pizza at first, and you might not get a haircut for 6 months, but WHO CARES. If you have happy, healthy babies, then all is well. (P.S.- Talking to mom friends helps a LOT with this part!)

If you’re expecting twins, leave a comment below! If you’ve had twins and have any tips to share as well, then please feel free to drop them below as well, and thanks for reading!

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36 thoughts on “How to Survive the First Year with Twins

  1. Hi Leighann!
    My twins just had their first birthday as well and I couldn’t agree with you more on all of these points.
    I thought it was going to be a lot harder than it actually was. The newborn phase was a cinch compared to what we’re having now – all they did was eat, sleep, poo and cry. Now we’re trying to climb out of our cribs and jump off the sofa – oh! and electric sockets and cables are soooooooo fascinating!
    Thank you for another inspiring post! I just love reading your work.
    Lovely Greetings from cold, grey and wet Germany!

    • Thank you so much! We moved from Germany this past summer! Happy Birthday to your twins😊 Mine are already interested in electrical cords, it’s exhausting! Thank you so much for reading❤

    • Oh yes! I’ve been in the situation where one had to eat after the other and it becomes pretty difficult to even have time to use the bathroom!

  2. I have two boys, one on the way, and a husband and I have no idea what I’m doing still. Can you write a blog about that please? LOL!

    All kidding aside, you’re an amazing mom and I loved stalking… i mean, following, your journey through social media! <333

    Amazon Prime and amazon subscription is my lifeline.

    • The husband counts as as a child too right?!🤔 YOU are an amazing mom and I also love stalking you😂

  3. Love seeing their sweet faces here and on IG! They are so cute. Great tips for any mama – but especially when you have two. The schedule is a must – and most definitely the grace, too!

  4. I have had my share of struggles, so I can only imagine with double! But the tips you give are great for all moms. A schedule is SO important. Kids feel less stressed (and cranky) when they know what to expect. Cutting yourself some slack is so important, too! I seriously need to do more of that!

    • Thank you! Yes, definitely a little slack! It’s hard to do, but if sometimes you just have to, otherwise you’ll beat yourself up!

  5. Giving ourselves grace as mommas is so, so important! I know with my oldest I felt like I was under a lot of pressure to do things a certain way, it was just something I felt, no one was actually pressuring me, and I struggled until I realized that I needed to show myself the grace that my heavenly Father extends to me daily.
    Congrats on getting through this first year with your twins, momma! I hope your next year goes beautifully for you!

    • Thank you, Rebekeh! I’ve definitely gone through that too. We’re all so hard on ourselves sometimes, for no good reason!

  6. These are all spot on! Planning ahead and being kind to myself were the best things I did. Happy birthday to your babies and congratulations on one year of twin-momming!!!

    • Thank you so much! Planning ahead has been so great, and being kind to ourselves is often forgotten, but also great!

  7. This is great advice for parents to be of twins. I also think this is great advice for any first time parent whether they are expecting one baby or two or even three.

  8. Enjoyed the tips. We’re currently struggling with getting on a schedule but we’re already seeing improvement since we started 1.5 weeks ago. My boys are 11 weeks old.

    • Awww! Congrats on your boys! It might take a little while, I know that not all babies are the same and some may even fight it a little, but it’ll happen! Nothing has taught me patience like having babies, lol!

  9. All of your tips are perfect. I don’t think I would have survived these first 12 weeks without planning ahead, having a schedule/routine, teaming up with hubby (btw, he took 6.5 weeks off work after the twins were born~I had a c-section and needed help and even though he had zero experience with babies prior to our own, he became SuperDad within a week, totally being a better parent than I was 😉), etc. As far as planning ahead for meals, two days before my c-section he and I put up 4-5 Crockpot freezer meals. They were a lifesaver when we came home and found we had no time to cook anything that took longer than 5 min. I recently had a friend help me put together a bunch more. They’ve been the best time investment.
    Thanks so much for reaffirming this newbie mommy is on the right track with her twins. 😊

    • Yayyy! Congrats on your babies! I’m glad you agree with the tips. Coming home with two babies is a whirlwind! I’m sure we all expect to be busy, but I think it was wayyy crazier than I even imagine😂 I’m SO glad your hubby was able to take time off to help you, that is such a big thing. Hats off to both of you! Thank you for reading😊

  10. Im gonna read more n more of your writings frm now on! Expecting twins by the end of this year n already being alarmed of how would i manage twins mommyhood.i have a 3 yo daughter n I remembered being half zombie throughout her first year,haha.Considered hiring nanny when the twins are born but im not used to having one dont know how it will turn out.But all in all,nothing beats being a mom,children will grow up incredibly fast,enjoy our time with them while it last,soon they will have their own life,all thats left are memories.Keep on your good work,i adore your writings!

    • Thank you so much, that means a lot! I was half zombie during the past year too, haha! Time is already going too fast and I’m doing my best to enjoy them. I’ve known people who loved having a nanny, and some who didn’t enjoy it, so I suppose it’s one of those things that you honestly don’t know until you try it! I hope all is well with your buns in the oven, keep in touch!!!

  11. Hi there! I’m expecting our twin boys, Finn & Benten, any day now (I’ll be 36 weeks tomorrow which is also our four year anniversary) and my son Wyatt will be two on Friday! I have heard when there’s a singleton first the hardest thing is making sure every little is given their own time. This has me super nervous because Wyatt is SO busy and a mama’s boy by every definition! Any advice?

    • Hi Brittany! First off, congratulations! I totally feel you on being nervous! I don’t have any other kids, so I haven’t been in your situation though. I’ve heard the same thing! If I were you though, I would just try to include him as much as possible when your twins arrive. Maybe making everything a “we” instead of “them” sort of scenario will help out. I hope all goes well and feel free to send a message/email/DM if you ever need to!

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