Renovation Before and After: Part One

Hi family and friends! It’s been awhile since we did a little renovation update. When I started this blog, I had originally planned to share our journey in moving back to the states. A few months ago, I wrote a post about the foreclosure we bought, and then failed to update you again. A lot has happened and once our house was in livable condition, we moved in and took a break from our renovations to enjoy the holidays.

While we’re about to get back to work, here is a little peek of what we did (with a little help) up until the holidays! Keep in mind, this house was NOT fit for occupancy before (at least not for humans or pets), and our plan is to sell in it a few years. We’re making upgrades, but not going crazy with it.

First, for everyone who hadn’t checked out my foreclosure post, we replaced the old carpet. It was stained, smelly, ripped, and had been pooped on. Keeping it was not an option! The carpet is actually a little lighter than this, but it appears a bit darker because we didn’t have any lamps at the time to help me out with the photo! Before the carpet was replaced, we removed all of the old molding. Much of it was ruined, but it was also out dated. 

As you can also see, the walls don’t look too bad right? That’s because we painted them. Below is a before photo of one of the rooms. I’ve shown this before, but I have to show it again. Aside from the green, we also had walls that were purple, dark purple, blue, and brown. With some great tips from one of our close friends, we were able to get everything covered in two days! A huge applause to my husband for his work. While I did help, I also had to take care of our babies. So, he stayed up late and woke up early, to finish painting in a timely manner.

Now, you know when grime gets on the backsplash in your kitchen from cooking? Well, for some reason, that was all over ALL of the cabinets. So, after I cleaned them, professional cleaners also cleaned them, and this is about as nice as we could get the kitchen. It doesn’t seem like much in the photo, but, it was a huge relief.

This is basically what our kitchen still looks like. The husband installed our appliances, so we do have those! I’m not showing any kitchen pictures beyond this, because we are currently waiting on new cabinets, then our countertop. I will definitely let you all see the finished product afterward.

At this point, we got a visit from some wonderful family members that I call “mom” and “dad.” For those who aren’t family or friends, my old man is a contractor. What does that mean? It means that he came to visit and I asked him to remove a wall, put up a railing, wrap a doorway, find us new doors, and start our moulding (what? that’s normal, right?). With my husband working full-time, it was great to have help with the house. After he got home from work, he and my dad worked on many of these things together. One of the great things about this, is that I think Derrick gained a lot of knowledge that he can put toward future projects.

If you’re interested in the wall that was replaced with a railing, here are before and after photos. It still needs to be painted, but you get the idea! We now have a better view through the front of the house, and it feels a bit less congested.



Pretty good decision on the wall, right? So, as I mentioned, we have a new kitchen on the way, followed by the rest of the flooring soon after. You can’t really tell in photos, but the old floor is stained, ripping, and so on. We didn’t want to replace it before having a plan for the kitchen, so save us some extra backaches.

Small things have been happening during the in between time. My husband finished the moulding that my dad had started, but we still need to put a final coat of white pain on it, as well as the new doors. We’re trying to focus on the bigger things first though, so that we can enjoy the updates before it’s time to move. As you can see below, we’ve been trying to make the best of what we’ve gotten done so far!

If you’re wondering why I’m grinning in the above photo, it’s because I’m definitely scheming. You see, if you have painted the walls yourself, it’s REALLY hard to hang things on them. You don’t want to ruin your precious work! These shelves are all that’s up in our family room, but I’ve been stalking some online shops and trying to decide on some decor, to make things look more “homey.” One place I like to keep an eye on is Owl Creek Market. Not only does she sell shirts like the one in this photograph (and Fixer-Upper insipired goods!), she also has decor and design services available! If you go check her out, don’t forget to use code “TWOBOYS” for a 10% discount!

If you’re working on a renovation, I’d love to hear about them in the comments! If you have any questions about what we’ve used or are going to use, feel free to shoot me a message! Oh, also, shout out to my mama here. She picks the colors for everything and has already chosen what to do for the kitchen. If it weren’t for her, either nothing would match. Thanks mom!

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19 thoughts on “Renovation Before and After: Part One

  1. Leighann,

    Even though I am way past baby years, I am finding your blog very informative and entertaining. I’m headed out o buy some Curamin to see if that helps my back and knee pain. Last month we purchased a Log Cabin in Florida. It needed a little TLC, and Vanio has replaced the tile on the master shower, and this week we ripped out carpet and are installing hardwood in the bedrooms. I can’t imagine doing this with 2 little ones! Looks like you are doing a fabulous job. I hope to meet your family one of these days. Keep up the good work. DeAnna

    • Thank youuu! A log cabin, that’s amazing! I’ve always wanted to live in one! The babies are part of the reason why we’ve been a little slow. We felt like we were being unfair to them and really wanted to celebrate their first Christmas by spending as much time with them as we could, instead of doing more house stuff. It sounds like you guys have done a lot so far!

      I hope the Curamin helps, there are different ways to take the dosage that you can find on Google. I feel like it’s a little better for the long term. I used to take ibuprofen everyday, and that couldn’t have been a good thing!

  2. Wow! Great job with the! My husband and I are house hunting right now &whenever I see staircases like that I don’t love it but assume that’s how it has to be! Thanks for sharing!! Looks great!

    • Thanks girl! It definitely doesn’t have to be that way, you can certainly make a change! Good luck to you guys on the house hunt:)

    • Thank you so much! There wasn’t much we could do to open it up, so I’m glad we could at least do this!

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