What to Pack for Vacation with Kids

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Spring is oh so close, my friends! If you’re anything like my little family, a tease of nice weather might inspire you to plan a getaway. Maybe you’re looking forward to a day trip to the beach, a visit to family for Easter, or a full blown vacation. If you have little ones, you might also be stressing about what to pack, and how to make sure they’re happy during your travels.

Well, stress no more! I’m here to share the essentials that we pack when preparing to take our twins on vacation. We’ve also teamed up with Carter’s to make sure your littles not only have what they need, but are also traveling in style. After all, you’re not the only one who deserves to look good during a getaway. (PS- There’s also a sweet coupon for you in this post!)

Let’s kick off the list! Note: This is a general list that should work for anyone, anywhere! Obviously, if you are doing something specific like hiking, camping, etc., then you’ll need some extra items.

1. A hygiene bag! Just like adults, your littles need this for dental and bath items. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, soap, shampoo/conditioner, and a washcloth will do! This is also a great spot for a mini first-aid kit and/or medications.

2. Pack-n-play or similar. Most hotels can supply one for free, but not all!

3. Changing pad/extra diapers. Diapers take up a lot of space, so if you can buy some when you arrive at your destination, then great. At least pack enough to get you there though!

4. Stroller and appropriate carriers. The last thing you want to do is miss out on any fun, just because you couldn’t take your baby! Europe is FULL of stairs and cobblestone sidewalks. If it wasn’t for baby-wearing, we would have missed breath taking views and delicious foods! Also, on a recent trip, I forgot my Ergo carriers, and had to ask a friend to help carry my babies. Friends are the best.

5. Baby monitor. If your kids are too old for this, then great! It’s something that might come in handy though if you’re staying with family or friends, and may have a napping baby in another room, or kiddos playing elsewhere.

6. Diaper bag. This seems obvious, but I wanted to add it anyway. Sometimes it’s easier to have a back pack or even a smaller bag, depending on the vacation. So, before you leave, consider the activities you’ll be doing and the availability of baby goods, then adjust your diaper bag accordingly.

7. Weather appropriate gear! If you’re going to the beach, then sunglasses, sunscreen, and a towel for all. Carter’s actually has swimsuits AND rash guards that include SPF 50+, which is better than any protection I’ve ever gotten myself. They also have adorable sandals and slip ons, perfect for nice days. If your springtime is a little cooler, then maybe you don’t need a beach towel, but you do need a light jacket. Don’t be afraid to do a little weather research if you’re unsure about the area you plan to visit.

8. Feeding essentials. Depending on age, don’t forget whatever your child needs for feeding. For us, we’ll need to pack sippy cups and probably disposable placemats (so handy if you go out to eat). If your babe needs bottles or formula, be sure to pack it!

9. Travel snacks and activities! Now, my kids are pretty young and are still mostly sleepers during car and plane rides. In the event that they aren’t sleeping, I always have small toys accessible, as well as easy snacks, such as fruit or teething crackers. If you have older kids, then be smart about the toys. Choose things that will occupy them and won’t make too much of a mess! Books are always great options (even for adults). I’m also not against hopping in the back seat and singing with them. It’s fun and passes time on road-trips!

10. Clothes, clothes, clothes! This is the fun part! As we gear up for spring travel, we want to make sure our twins have what they need. For their outfits, we always look to Carter’s. From baby clothes, to now almost toddler clothes, they’ve always had us covered. Not only do they have adorable styles, but the clothes are durable and offer mix and match options. Having the ability to mix and match is VITAL to me. Why? Because if someone has a blowout and ends up with a brown spot on his back, then I can have another onesie on hand, without having to pull out an entire new outfit.

To prepare the boys, we wanted to have outfits that we could dress up or down, and also throw in a light jacket for each of them, just in case. To make shopping easy, Carter’s offers great options like one-piece rompers and complete outfit sets, that just happen to be perfect! Speaking of complete outfit sets, see below! Note: The tan jacket was separate, but it matched so well!

We also included polos and a set of jersey polos. They can pair them with almost any of their knit or twill shorts, making it easy to dress up or dress down! There are numerous color options, but as some of you know, we often use the colors blue and green to easily tell our twins apart from behind. (Hey, you have to do what you have to do, am I right?) 

Depending on your spring vacation (or Easter celebration!) you might want to get even fancier. If so, Carter’s also has super cute eyelet dresses for the little ladies and crisp button downs for the little gentlemen.

That wraps up our essentials for vacationing with kiddos! As I mentioned, if you’re doing something pretty specific, pack accordingly. I’m hoping that this general list will serve as a nice reminder before you head out on your journey, and inspire you to swing by Carter’s and make sure your littles are prepared as well! Don’t forget to visit If you’re heading out on a trip this spring or summer, I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Whether it’s baby’s first vacation, or you’re a seasoned veteran, feel free to also share what you’re packing!



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41 thoughts on “What to Pack for Vacation with Kids

    • Thank you so much! Oh my goodness, he’s almost outgrown Carters!!! I think Osh Kosh has some bigger sizes!

    • Awesome! I hope she finds it helpful! If she has any questions, she’s welcome to message me! We’ve traveled a lot and I’ve done a couple of travel posts, but it’s really difficult to get all the small details in there and sometimes I forget!

    • Yes! They’ve already started rolling out the warm weather clothes and it’s making me so excited for sunshine!

  1. We had to pack for our little one to go to a different country not too long ago and man, kid need a lot of things. I never realized it until I was putting it all into suitcases!

    • Right?! We moved back to the states from Germany when the boys were just 5 months, and even though their clothes were so tiny, they had their own suitcase due to all the extras!

    • Haha!!! Thank you! I’m already sad knowing that I won’t always get to pick these little outfits!

  2. GREAT list!! I remember when we first went on vacation with my son, who was 8 months old at the time, it was hectic and stressful to say the least! Getting a whole list together so you don’t forget anything at home (or bring too much with you!) is key. Thanks for sharing <3

    • Thank you! Trips with littles can certainly be stressful! There are so many “what ifs” when packing for them!

    • Thank you! One great thing is that the inside of the waistband is adjustable! So, we sized up a little bit, in hopes that they’ll last a little longer!

  3. I miss the days when I could put my son in those shorts/onesies from Carters. They were the cutest thing ever! Still love their clothes now that he’s almost 5.

    • Ugh, I was going through their old clothes and I’m already missing their newborn stuff😂 I’m glad to know you’re still a fan of their clothes!

  4. Not going on vacation but I need to get clothes for my youngest, he’s been wearing his brother’s hand me downs and I’m kind of feeling bad for him!

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