My Favorite Spring Dress (Plus Pink Blush Giveaway!)

Some of you might be saying to yourselves, “why is she posting about clothes? Doesn’t she just wear workout clothes and ill-fitting jeans?” Well, my friends, you are only partially correct. While I do have quite a collection of workout clothing, and a figure that makes most of my jeans awkward, I actually DO wear other items. Believe it or not, I LOVE a good dress. Why? Well, you might laugh, but I’m going to be 100% honest. My number one reason to wear a dress is that I don’t have to wear pants. My number two reason is because I only have to pick out one article of clothing. If you’re a fan of dresses, or want to be, then read on. Not only am I going to share a SUPER comfortable spring dress, but I’ve also teamed up with PinkBlush to give away a $50 gift card (details at the bottom).

If my reasons for wearing dresses sound lazy to you, then it’s possible that you don’t have children, are way more fashionable than I am (which isn’t difficult), OR you are a far better adult than I will ever be (also not difficult). If you’re a new mom though, then you may have heard of the trendy online boutique, PinkBlush. While my friends raved about their maternity clothes, I wanted to let everyone know that they also offer a women’s clothing line! Since you guys know that I’m all about comfort, you can guess that I wouldn’t back their clothing, if it wasn’t comfortable. Below, you’ll find the spring dress that I’m raving about (which does come in other colors), and why I’m loving it!

Although you might not be able to tell through photos, the dress is super soft and stretchy. Made from 96% polyester and 4% spandex, it allows me plenty of movement to play with my kiddos or our pup, without worry. The sash tie isn’t attached, so I’m able to adjust it myself. If you’re like me and sometimes experiences a little bloat and/or have a mom-pooch, than you feel me on the importance of being able to adjust! I mentioned that this dress comes in multiple color ways, but this one in particular is “rust.” As you can see in the close up, there are also many neutrals thrown in, which I love.

PinkBlush is all about helping moms to make a smooth transition from maternity wear to motherhood, and this dress shows it. I actually found that the chest area of the dress would stretch enough to allow for easy nursing for those who need it. If you’re concerned about size, you’ll find dimensions for this dress, as well as all of the others, in the product details on their website.

Now, if you’ve had a chance to peruse PinkBlush and saw something you loved, then it’s you’re lucky day! I’m giving away a $50 gift card to one lucky winner. If you haven’t noticed, their prices are pretty legit, so $50 will get you something amazing. All you have to do to enter is comment below with what you love about dresses OR what you love about spring. If you’d like a bonus entry, then head over to my Instagram account (@twoboysonepup) and look for the first photo of me in this dress for instructions. It’s that easy! The winner will be announced via Instagram on Sunday, March 26 before 12pm central time. Don’t forget, if you’ve won a PinkBlush gift card in the past 6 months, you won’t be eligible. Good luck to everyone who enters and thanks for reading!

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57 thoughts on “My Favorite Spring Dress (Plus Pink Blush Giveaway!)

  1. What I love about spring is the nice weather and the beautiful flowers that begin to bloom! This spring is extra special for us as my husband and I are due with our rainbow baby at the end of May! We are so excited!

  2. yay pink blush! you look great in this dress. I love dresses because its one article of clothing and i’m lazy AF to get dressed lol i love the outfit with the hat, such a cute outfit! <3

    • Hahahaha, I’m glad we’re on the same page! You only have to pick out ONE article of clothing!

  3. You are rocking this dress, Leighann! Gorgeous! I love the versatility of the dress, I had learned about this brand after pregnancy and wished I would have known for my baby showers! But I love how you can wear them anytime and you can’t tell they can be used for maternity as well. So lovely and this color is beautiful xo

    • Thanks girl!!! I wish I knew about them sooner too! I know so many people who hesitate on clothes, because they don’t want to spend on something they won’t use once they’ve had heir babies. Shops like Pink Blush are so genius!

  4. I Love PinkBlush! They have the best quality clothes for maternity and after! I love dresses for the same reason as you: I don’t have to pull together an outfit. Some days I just want to throw on a dress an look put together!

  5. That dress looks great on you! I am loving all the floral patterns this season. A dress seems to instantly dress you up without having to choose the perfect accessories. It does look perfect for nursing too, which seems to be super hard to find in dresses.

    • Yes! I love that dresses help us feel like we can look good, yet we don’t have to spend hours putting an outfit together!

  6. Lol, those are as good of reasons as any to want to wear a dress. Hek if your only wearing one item that means less laundry too. I like dresses but don’t own many and actually don’t wear many. I’m comfortable in a pair of shorts in the summer and tend to wear dresses mostly for church. Maybe I’m wearing the wrong dress. Yours is nice and looks like a nice any occasion dress.

    • Thanks! I’m a shorts lover too and love your point about less laundry! I only love dresses that feel functional though, and this one certainly does! Stretchy things are my besties😂

  7. My favorite thing about spring is that I can go outside without a million layers! Also, I really love wearing dresses, especially spring dresses because they make me feel super pretty and feminine so I love that about spring too!

    • Totally with you were! Going out is so much easier without having to bundle up or bring extra gloves/hats, etc!

  8. I am absolutely in love with the colors of this dress and the style. I could see myself wearing this to the park with my little one and not afraid to run around, jump, bend down, etc haha. Comfort is key! You look lovely.

  9. That is EXACTLY why I started wearing dresses for the first time, like, ever since having kids. 🙂 My now-7-year-old Daughter went through a phase where she ONLY wore dresses (literally, I stopped buying her pants…) for two years, but her reasons were “pretty, sparkly, princess-y” etc. I think that dress would work on both accounts. 🙂

  10. I adore dresses, especially maxi length ( no shaving required👍🏻) So easy breezy comfy to throw on & you don’t look like momma bum in pick up line😉

  11. Ahh, what a gorgeous dress! Also, look at his smile… they are precious! I love how flowy and comfortable dresses are. I entered on insta, too! Username: _ifancythat

  12. The dress you got is stunning, love it! Dresses are the best because you don’t need to coordinate multiple clothing items. When I throw on a dress I feel put together and ready to take on the day! Great post!

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