7 Tips for Life with Twin Toddlers

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“I have no idea how you do it with two!” I hear this phrase pretty frequently, and while it’s hilarious nice that people think I’m “doing it” with two, it often doesn’t feel that way. My twins are now almost 18 months, and while many things have gotten easier (like feeding them), some things have also gotten harder (also, like feeding them). Still, I’m often asked for tips on how to handle twins, or just two close in age, especially once they become mobile toddlers. Well, get ready, because here is my tip:

Give birth to children who can already walk well, talk, use the bathroom, and clean their own messes. BUT, make sure they are still the size of regular babies, because watching them grow is the sweetest and you’re not a monster!

Oh, wait.

Is that not humanly possible?

Okay, well then, I guess I’ll give you some other tips that you can actually use. These little gems may or may not help you, but I’m tossing them your way. With any luck, maybe I can help make your life a little easier! Alright, here we go…

1. Find at least one activity that keeps you sane AND prioritize it.

I know, you’re thinking, “what does this have to do with dealing with two toddlers?” Um, everything. The better you feel about yourself, the more complete you feel, the more good vibes you pass on. So, find something that makes you feel good! For me, it’s the gym. The gym makes me feel human. Not only do I love working out (even when it’s difficult), but it also helps keep my mom-bod in check. I have friends who are into crafts, or enjoy a good book. Whatever it is, try and make it a “must do” portion of your day. You’ll feel better inside and out. We all know the saying, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” and it’s true!


2. Make your gear work for your kids AND yourself.

Ladies and gents, my stroller has the turn radius of a fidget spinner (I’m still not sure what those are for). It can climb trails, run miles and miles (but not more than like 5, because mama isn’t going that far), is comfortable for both kids to nap in, and can adjust enough for my 5 ft. tall self, and my 6 ft. tall husband to both push easily. Why is all of this important? Because we’re an active family and a stroller is your LIFELINE for leaving the house! If it weren’t for my stroller with a large basket under the seats, I wouldn’t have been able to get nearly as much grocery shopping done either. Just think practically with these items, and consider what would make your everyday life easier.

Another example: Baby carriers. No one wants to wear their toddler AND their diaper bag. Get a carrier with some storage. My hubby and I can each wear a baby, along with their extra diapers, butt cream, and wipes, all in the carrier! Are you starting to see what I mean? Make the best of your baby gear!

3. Make everyday things convenient!

Your days might still be a mess sometimes. Not the same spit-up filled mess that the first year brought you, but a mess nonetheless. With two little ones, convenience is often a lifesaver. There are times when you’re rushing to clean up after a breakfast, just to make it to the doctor on time. This is where your dishwasher comes in handy, or paper plates if you’re into that. There are occasions when you need a cart to shop. This is when you park next to a cart return area. There are times when you think you’ll have to skip lunch, because there is “no time.” This is when you find a good single serving meal like Tai Pei single serve entrees. You all might have your go-tos in this department, but let me tell you about mine:

These babies contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients. They also recently changed packaging from their old cartons, to new containers that you can stick straight into the microwave. That’s right, you’re just a few minutes from the deliciousness of pure ingredients and infused riced. While General Tso’s Spicy Chicken is my favorite, there is a variety of flavors to choose from (because who wants to get bored with their food?). If you’re interested in trying them out, check their store locator on their site  and use this coupon to save $1.00 on ONE (1) Tai Pei® Entrée (7.9 oz. or larger) or appetizer!

4. Do NOT shop during naptime!

You can drive to the store and let them nap in the car, but heaven help you if your kids are tired while you’re shopping. Toddlers pitch huge fits when they’re exhausted, it’s not fun. So, there is not much more to say about this.

5. Let those two kids figure each other out, and encourage them to play together (without you).

By this, I kind of mean that you need to step back and see how things pan out to an extent. Your kids might have very different personalities and they need to learn a little about each other. What does this mean? They’re probably going to argue a little and fight over a few things (even if they can’t talk yet). I used to instinctually run over and try to break up and arguments. After awhile, I realized I wasn’t helping them learn to deal with each other, I was just separating them. Now, petty fights over toys only last a couple of minutes, then they’re over it. They’ve learned to play together, but also to play separately when they feel like it. In other words, they can share space well.

Extra tip: This is sort of like independent play. They learn to entertain themselves without you, and YOU get a moment to shower, clean, pick your nose, or whatever.

6. Bring snacks everywhere.

EVERYWHERE. To the doctor, to your friend’s house, to the park, to the store to get more snacks. Bring them. And a drink. That helps too. If my twins are acting out, 90% of the time I can give them a snack and then all is right in the world. I almost believe that the right snack can end all wars. (If you’re wondering, they love almost any snack, but veggie straws both satisfy and entertain them.)

7. Remember those little people are new here!

Having two toddlers at once can cause you to feel like you’re losing your mind. You’ll get frustrated quickly and want to lose it over tiny things. One kid will be smearing food all over himself, while the other is pouring the dog’s water bowl over his head. It’s tough. What helps me a lot is to remind myself that these tiny humans are new to the WORLD. Many of their feelings, discoveries, and experiences are happening for the first time and they’re just learning how to handle it. Try and respond to each situation with that thought in mind, even when both kids are going different directions at once. For me, it automatically makes me more patient, and for all of us, the situations are easier to handle.

If any of you folks out there with twins or two young ones have any amazing tips for our readers, be sure to leave them in the comments! Don’t forget, if you’re into convenient meals, check out Tai Pei single serve entrees and utilize this coupon for your grub!


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22 thoughts on “7 Tips for Life with Twin Toddlers

  1. I need to try that Tai Pei chicken fried rice!! Sounds so yummy! Also, I giggled at “snacks ending all wars” because it’s so true!! And it keeps them entertained for a while if you’re in a waiting room or needing just those few extra moments to do a house chore or something. Love this post!

    • Oh yes, definitely also a source of entertainment! Handing over a snack can buy you at least 60 seconds, haha! Thanks so much for reading:)

  2. These are some truly useful toddler tips. Everything from making thing. From making things multifunctional to keeping things convenient to allowing the kids to discover themselves while they play together. All very good recommendations. All my tiny tots have grown into adults at this point, but your advice is golden!

  3. Such a great list! Number one is my favorite (Mom’s mental health is SO important!), and number five is a close second favorite. 🙂 I have a handful of anxiety disorders, and I think having twins has been really helpful with that… I have almost no choice but to sit back and watch what they learn through squabbles, and it has really taught me to approach a lot of non twin life similarly 🙂 Plus it’s so cool to watch them grow in their maturity and problem solving every day!!

    • Thank you so much! I feel like they’ve taught me a lot through watching little squabbles as well! And yes, mental health is a HUGE deal!

  4. Wow.. it’s like you read my mind. I am a mom of 23 months old twins and life has been no less than a roller coaster since these munchkins entered our lives.
    To add to your tips- train your husband so that he is able to manage Tweenies while the mommy gets some “me” time.. once a week may be!
    Love to the little cupcakes 🙂

  5. I love the idea of making things convenient! You definitely have your hands full – they are such cuties though!

  6. This is seriously the best post/blog I have read. My twin boys are on the verge of 18mo and I can relate so much to this. Especially the gym. I swear it’s my sanctuary. People ask how I do it and I say the gym 100% lol Also I love the fact that this is a new world. I will look it things totally different now because of that statement! I really appreciate this post. And from one twin boy mom to another.. stay strong and gym on!

    Also. What stroller are your referring to? Right now we use a radio flyer wagon with a separate storage bag attached to the back but the kicking is getting annoying. The stroller(s) yes..I know.. are either way too big and hardly fit through doors or they don’t allow them to lay down for a snooze. Thanks again!

    • The gym is totallllllly a sanctuary! Thank you so much for reading, I’m happy that it resonated with you a bit, so I know I’m not crazy! As far as the stroller, it’s a TFK Twinner Twist Duo. The frame is the same width as their single stroller, so it does fit through doors and whatnot. They can lay almost all the way down in this. I bought it when we lived in Germany, but it’s possible to order off of Amazon! Feel free to comment or even shoot me an email/DM on FB or IG if you need to!

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