How to Thank A Mom Friend

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Let’s put this simply: motherhood is rough. It’s beautiful and exciting, yet can also be isolating and scary (that will be a whole post of its own). During those less-than-perfect moments, it’s so helpful to have a mom friend to offer you advice, a shoulder, or even make a joke to lighten things up. As an introvert, I have difficulty meeting new people, let alone other moms. On top of that, our family moves every few years, which only adds to the challenge. Luckily, while living in Kansas a few years ago, I met a couple of amazing ladies who had kids before I did. Since then, they’ve been around to support me when I’ve needed it, through the loneliness of pumping for hours a day, to venting to each other about various #momprobs. So, what could I ever do to thank any of my besties?

I know that my mom friends and I are close, and it goes without saying that we’re grateful for one another. Still though, I thought I could at least send them a little pick me up, especially because we live far from one another. I mean come on, as moms  human beings, who doesn’t love getting a surprise in the mail? Today I’m sharing a tutorial on how to create a gift bag to show your mom friends a bit of appreciation. In the tutorial I’ll go over items to include and why (because no one likes junk).

(NOTE: This particular gift is for my beautiful (inside and out) friend, Miranda. I wish everyone could know her, because knowing her increases your quality of life 100%. She’s also hilarious and I’m convinced someone should give her a TV show.)

Now, behold this awesome list:

1. Something to share your thoughts!

Okay, so obviously a card is great for this! Personally, I thought a “thank you” card from American Greetings® was perfect, but you can find other appreciation/encouragement options. There were many moments when kind words from friends turned my whole day around, so I wanted to send along some positivity of my own too. I’m willing to bet that a good card (and pretty wrapping materials!) can also set the right tone for your entire gift. (Tip: American Greetings has gift bags and tissue paper that are made to match, so if you’re not so hot with coordinating colors (like me), this makes your gift packaging pretty fool proof!)

While we’re mentioning American Greetings, if you need cards for an occasion, or are just sending a “random act of cardness” to someone, definitely utilize this Ibotta offer to earn $1.00 on any American Greetings® card purchase from Wal Mart!

2. Something to indulge in!

So, you should all know that calories don’t count if the treat was a gift. Miranda is someone I consider a “gym buddy” even though she’s 8 hours away. We chat about workouts and eating habits pretty darn often. We both like being healthy, but we also like not being miserable. So, as a supporter of her happiness, I had to send some sweets. For all of you out there, find a snack that your pal loves and toss it in!

3. Something to pamper.

Pampering is hard. If you know your mom friend loves certain beauty items, you can be sure to include one or two. If she likes a certain salon or treatment, you can even include a gift card for one of those items. My gift bag includes a mask, because it’s a quick way to get your face feeling fresh. Most of my friends are pretty low maintenance and easy about beauty routines, so something as basic as skincare counts as pampering for us!

4. Something for everyday use.

For this, I chose to send a coffee cup. Miranda is an avid coffee drinker, and I also know she loves mugs, so this seemed perfect! Be practical with your gift, and try and think of something your gal pal uses on a daily basis!

5. Something to help her out.

So, personally, an planner has helped my life 10-fold. Miranda and I have chatted about them before, and she mentioned bullet journaling. If she decides to do it, she’ll have this sweet pineapple notebook (I happen to know she loves pineapples too) to start off with. If not, then she can use it for her lists, or even just for her writing endeavors.

6. Something she’s had her eye on.

Awhile ago, I had purchased a spoon rest that I was pretty excited about. I sent a photo of it to my mom buddy, and she loved it too. Since she doesn’t live in close proximity to where it was purchased, I made sure to keep my eyes peeled for another!

7. Something extra!

That’s right, just a little bonus. This is the item that you might pick up because you passed by and it made you think of her. While I was shopping for my pup, I saw these little chew toys. At first I thought, “what kind of tiny dog could use that?” My second thought was, “Duh, Boog could use it!” Boog is my pal’s new pup, and I’m pretty sure she and him are like one single being, so he needed a little gift too.

That’s a wrap! Don’t forget to check out American Greetings and this sweet Ibotta deal when you start gathering items for your gift bag! Everything can be found in the card section of your local Wal-Mart, including the gift wrapping items. While you’re at it, you can also multitask (typical mom move), and grab other cards you might need as well! If you’re curious, I also needed a birthday card and anniversary card, and got it all in one trip!

If you have ever gifted any of your mom friends with a small token of apprecation, leave a comment with what you included! If you did any other sort of gesture, I’d love to hear about that too!

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15 thoughts on “How to Thank A Mom Friend

  1. Great ideas! I have a mom friend that I know I can always depend on. We all need that person in our lives! I usually try to give her a gift card to a favorite place or a bottle of wine!

  2. My mom friends and I are foodies so whenever we gift each other anything it’s usually something to eat or drink. I love the idea of putting a little bit of everything in a gift bag especially for a new mom. It’s always nice to know someone is thinking of you.

  3. I give my mom-friend with a cold iced coffee that I make every time she comes over. For my other bestie, I give her clothes every year because she hates clothes shopping and always loves my picks.

  4. Such great ideas! I usually get cute cards and take them out for a meal to say thank you to them. As mothers, we’re often so busy juggling a million different things that a simple thank you for just being there is extremely thoughtful!

  5. A simple Starbucks gift card for the new mama whose baby will only sleep in the car and the Starbucks drive through becomes vitally important. A friend also gave me really nice soap after my first child was born which was glorious. In those first few weeks, a nice hot shower with some lovely smelling soap was everything.

  6. My husband and I live on a very tight budget so I have to be very careful in selecting gifts. Often, in lieu of a gift, I like to send the hand written card with heartfelt words.

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