How to Get a Free Breast Pump Through Insurance

This post was sponsored by Aeroflow Inc, however all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

Hello, lovelies! It has been one hot minute since I’ve written anything regarding breastfeeding or pumping, but guess what? August is National Breastfeeding Month, and as luck would have it, I have some information to help out you mamas-to-be. If you’re expecting, you might be debating how you’ll go about feeding your new arrival. For me, I was hoping to at least attempt to breastfeed or pump, and wanted to be prepared. When I saw what a breast pump could cost though, I was shocked and worried. Does this sound familiar to you?

I found out that the year I got pregnant, my insurance company (Tricare) began to cover breastfeeding support and supplies (woohoo!). Per the Affordable Care Act, health insurance companies are required to do this and depending on type, plan, and network, your pump could be covered up to 100%! However, the process is not always easy. Personally, I had to get a “prescription” for a pump, purchase it up front, provide copies of my receipt and submit a claim for reimbursement, then bring it to my insurance office to be sent off. I never received any confirmation of receipt and just had to hope my claim was approved. Let me tell you, it does NOT have to be this hard. Don’t believe me? Check out the graphic below from Aeroflow Breast Pumps, a website that would have made my life so much easier:

If you read that and are asking yourself, “is it really that easy?” The answer is “yes” AND this help is FREE. By using Aeroflow, you won’t have to deal with your insurance company and all of the pesky paper work will be taken care of by your Aeroflow Breast Pump Specialist. To make you more comfortable, each specialist has their own page where they can tell you a bit about themselves, and you can ask them questions directly. The Breast Pump Specialists will not only let you know your options, but also help you choose the pump that will suit you and your lifestyle the best. No more late nights of Googling or asking friends!

Just an FYI, if your insurance doesn’t cover the pump you’ve got your eyes on, Aeroflow offers upgrades at the lowest possible prices allowed. You can also purchase from their shop, in the event that you don’t qualify for whatever reason (most insurance companies provide one pump per pregnancy, so if you need another, it likely is not covered). In this case, you’ll pay less than you would at a big box retailer, and for my military friends, you can get a 15% military discount! You can check out some options below to get an idea of pumps and upgrade options:

My friends, it does not get any easier than this. I’m giving you all of this wonderful information, in hopes to ease your minds a bit. Preparing for a new little family member is stressful enough as it is, and worrying about how to get your pump should not be a huge deal. By all means, if you know anyone expecting, please pass along this resource, or save it for the future if you’d like. If you’ve used Aeroflow, feel free to leave some feedback in the comments. If you haven’t, let me know what you think would have made acquiring your pump an easier experience!

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14 thoughts on “How to Get a Free Breast Pump Through Insurance

  1. I learned about this a few weeks ago, and was so excited. However, I filled out the online form, but I never heard from anyone. Weird, right? To be fair, I didn’t follow up with them either, so maybe I didn’t fill something out correctly. Still, I hope more women will be aware of the ability to get a free pump through insurance!

    • Oh no! Definitely get back with them, it should be an easy process! I hope the same too, it’s a huge stress and money saver!

  2. Great post!! It is so important for new mommas to know that they don’t have to go out and buy a breast pump. So glad my sister found this out before I had my third. I was able to get a breast pink through insurance as well. Thanks for helping keep all new mommas informed! ❤️

    • Thanks for reading! I’m so happy you were able to get yours, it seriously takes such a weight off of a mom’s shoulders!

  3. This is such an info loaded post! Thank you for sharing! I will definitely share this with my pregnant friends! I got my pump through insurance and am so thankful that it saved me literally hundreds of dollars! Thanks for all the great tips!

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