The Best Learning Toys for Babies

Greetings mamas, papas, or anyone caring for a little one out there! I’m here today to hopefully save you a little time, a little money, and a lot of sanity. There are SO many toys on the market these days, you can drive yourself absolutely nuts trying to research them all. For our family, having twins means that we have many “multiple” items, and are always trying to limit our clutter. Therefore, we like to choose our toys wisely! What do we look for? Educational value, durability, and versatility are just a few words that come to mind. Toys that can provide a learning experience and stand the test of two babies are a total win for us.

To be more specific for you all, I wanted to share a few Lamaze toys that we have been loving lately, as well as a sweet discount code to use on Amazon. Lamaze works with pediatricians, teachers, child psychologists, and child development specialists when designing toys. Needless to say, I’ve found them to be pretty trusted brand. Although they have an extensive line of options, I’ll be going over our 3 favorites for you: Octotunes, Repeat Petey, and Stacking Starseeker. So, the toys in this post will be a bit of fun for even the smallest of babies! Let’s kick this thing off, shall we?

Lamaze Octotunes (0m+)

Um, can I just say that I MIGHT be the biggest fan of this toy. I mean, my kids love it because you can squeeze each tentacle and it will make a noise. BUT, those noises are musical notes, which when squeezed in the correct sequences, can actually make songs! That’s right, I’ve been playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on a toy octopus. Don’t worry, it comes with instructions for a few songs, so you can do this for your little ones (or yourself, ha!) as well. From my experience, the boys like to dance and bop to whatever songs I play, even ones that I make up on my own. If you’re looking for a toy to get your little one moving, it’s right here, folks! PS- My kiddos imitate the sounds too!

On top of the tunes though, the octopus does have other great features. Octotunes has big eyes to grab baby’s focus, for healthy eye development and tentacles that feature different colors and textures for little ones to explore. If you’re interested in Octotunes, PLEASE follow this link for a discount while it lasts! The discount is pretty hefty, so don’t miss it!

Lamaze Repeat Petey (6m+)

Oh, Repeat Petey, how you entertain the whole family. You can probably assume by his name, what this parrot’s most exciting feature is. Petey repeats the best and worst of what I say, so I’ve had to watch my mouth a little. The boys are actually thrilled hearing their own babbles and sounds repeated, which seems to get them thinking! Have no fear though, my friends, you CAN turn the repeat feature off, and just let Petey’s other features have a chance in the spotlight. His beak (which I always call a nose, oops), squeaks when squeezed, and although his soft, velour body is snuggle-worthy, he always crinkles and changes texture in some areas as well.

Lamaze Stacking Starseeker (6m+)

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to introduce you to the Stacking Starseeker. No, this toy doesn’t have music or speak, but it is a total winner for us right now. My boys have been obsessed with stacking and building whatever they can, and with this toy, they can do just that. Shaped like a spaceship, the 4 stackable pieces help foster motor skills like a BOSS. They are attached with velcro, and I swear, my kids have just as much fun pulling each soft piece apart, as they do putting it back together. The plush spaceman that comes with it is also a hot item in the house, as it features bright, inviting colors, and also fits inside the spaceship! The attached teether has a little pocket, to encourage “put in” and “take out” skills, which I’ve been dying to work on with the boys. Oh, and just because there’s no music in the Stacking Starseeker, there are still crinkle and rattle sounds to encourage development of auditory senses.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Alright, so what do you think? Pretty cool, right? Personally, I’m always down for toys that are engaging for me too, so that we can all play together. Either way, Lamaze has made toys that are educational AND fun, which is a great combination. Don’t forget, whether you’re looking for toys for your own little ones, as a gift, or even if you’re a caretaker, snag the discount code first! If you have any Lamaze toys or other Lamaze recommendations, please add them to the comments! I’d love to hear about ANY toys you’ve found beneficial for your little ones as well! Comment away, friends!



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22 thoughts on “The Best Learning Toys for Babies

  1. Oh, they look so fun! I especially love the octopus 🙂 My baby turns one in just a couple of week so these were some great suggestions to put on her wish list 😀

    • Totally agree! I love finding good learning toys that we can use, and trust, so we don’t waste money on things they don’t work out!

    • Yes! I hope you check these out, we love them and they’re plush, so tiny ones can use them too!

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