The Best Stocking Stuffer for Anyone!

Tis’ the season of giving, my friends. We all have at least one of “those” people, the ones you can never think of a gift for. Personally, I have quite a few of those people on my shopping list. It should be said that I don’t like giving gifts or even stocking stuffers, that lack purpose, or sentimental value, so that often puts even more of a damper on my gift ideas. As luck would have it though, this holiday season I came across something AMAZING that anyone could use. If you’ve never heard of Tile, then you’re about to!

What is Tile?

Tile is a tiny little bluetooth tracker that pairs with an app on your phone. You simply attach a Tile to any item you don’t want to lose, and if you DO lose that item, it can be tracked down using your app. If you keep the app running in the background, it will even tell you where your Tile was last located and your phone will play a fun jingle when you are within 100 feet of it. Tile is not only the world’s best selling bluetooth tracker, but it’s also the world’s largest lost and found community. So, if you are not close to your item whatsoever, you can enlist other Tile users to help you find your things. Pretty cool, right? The “together we find” tagline is a real life movement!

Who Should I Gift a Tile To?

Basically, if you know anyone who has EVER lost anything, then you should give the gift of finding, and grab them a Tile (or two!). They’re affordable (seriously, click here to check prices), are available with gift packaging for those of you who don’t like wrapping, are small enough to be stocking stuffers, and are absolutely unique. If you’re still on the fence, I’ll do something fun for you here. I’ll just come clean and say my brother, Scott, is getting a Tile. The man has had a reputation for losing things since we were kids, so I’m about to give you a list of ACTUAL items that he has lost, which we could have used Tile to find. Hopefully this list will tell you just how useful this little gift can be. Here we go…

Scott’s Lost Items (that I know of), AKA, Situations You Could Use Tile:

  1. Jacket (I’m going to say he was in 1st grade)
  2. Hood to jacket above.
  3. I’m pretty sure he lost another jacket, right after the loss of the first jacket.
  4. Glasses
  5. Let’s assume more glasses.
  6. Retainer (You can use an adhesive to stick a Tile onto the case!)
  7. Phone (You can use an adhesive in this situation too, or order a Tile Slim for your phone case.)
  8. Sunglasses (This literally happened when he was visiting me a few months ago).

There you have it. The list isn’t even a full compilation, it’s only what I can remember, without asking him and spoiling his Christmas gift. I can’t tease him too much, because in the past two months, I’ve been locked out of my house three times, lost my wallet twice, and misplaced my glasses almost daily. Anyway, I’m SURE you have a friend or family member who has lost something that I have listed. So, before you finish up your holiday shopping, take a gander at the Tile gift guide and snag a few!

If you have an experience with Tile that you’d like to share or even a funny story of your own, I’d love to read about it in the comments!