The Best Swim Lessons for Toddlers (with Goldfish Swim School)

(This post is sponsored by Goldfish Swim School, but as always, I’m giving you all my honest opinion.)

Greetings everyone! It’s been a minute, or two, right? Our holidays were wonderful, and I hope yours were too. While we were getting used to winter though, we were also missing summer. So, how did we handle that? We hit up the pool! Obviously, the two boys of Two Boys One Pup are still little guys though, so for us, hitting the pool meant going to swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School’s Plainfield, Illinois location.

When we began our lessons in October, H & H were just 20 months old. They had swam around with us this summer, but had never been given formal lessons before. When we were given the chance to try out Goldfish Swim School, we had to give our little fish a chance to learn. Now, I’ll be completely honest, I wasn’t sure what kids under 2 would learn at a swim class, and assumed it would just be a big play time. While the boys certainly FELT like they were playing, they were definitely learning! If you read on, I’ll tell you a bit about our classes.


What Class Did the Boys Enroll In?

While there are many options for ages infant-12 years, our twins were both in the Mini 2 class. The Mini 2 class caters to kids ages 16-35 months, and has a parent with the child the whole time. Lucky for us, our location had hours that could accommodate us.  Since we have twins, I had to make sure my husband could be present, so we always attended an evening class after he got home from work. We were always in a class of less than 6 other kiddos, which kept the environment free of chaos. Initially, we were worried that with only 30 minutes of instruction, things might get a little crazy, but that definitely was not the case. I’m going to go ahead and apologize for not having photos of the boys in the water, but I was actually in the water too during each class!

Were there Accommodations for Changing and Dressing?


Absolutely! There were multiple restrooms, changing rooms, and even a large vanity station equipped with hair dryers! This meant that even if my husband was running late from work, we were able to meet up and change in time for class. For all of you out there who think you might be cutting it close as well, don’t worry, there is plenty of space to change and prepare. Oh, and let’s not forget that there are bathing suit dryers, coat racks, and extra cubbies for storage!

What Did the Boys Actually Learn?

A lot, actually! As I mentioned, I thought it would just be a time for play, but they really did come away with skills! The instructors at Goldfish Swim School found fun ways for the little ones to learn. For example, they taught “pulling” (like paddling) by having the kids reach for balls floating throughout the water. If you have a munchkin who loves chasing balls at home, then you know how happy this activity can make your little one. So, while they think they’re chasing floating balls, they’re really learning to use their arms! How cool is that? Another great (and SUPER important) example is getting out of the water. From the first day, they taught kids to use the “elbow, elbow, tummy, knee” method to pull themselves out of the pool safely. Pretty cool, right?

Those are just a couple of examples, trust me, I could go on and on! The cool thing about this, is that the use of simple terms resonated with all of us. We’ve been to a few indoor recreational pools since our swim lessons, and the boys remembered the “elbow, elbow, tummy, knee” method! Amazing!

Were there Other Activities?

Yes! So, the changing area and waiting areas, which were colorful and fun to look at, also had activity tables! There was a station for coloring, as well as a station for toys, and even a small snack bar. So, if you have an older child taking classes, and you are waiting with your other children, they can certainly stay entertained! If you’re looking for family activities, they also offer family swimming times, as well as special events every so often!

Was there Anything Negative About Goldfish Swim School?

Absolutely not! From the lovely staff at the front desk, to the instructors, everyone was more than kind and knowledgable. We even received progress reports, which really showed that the instructors paid attention!

To Sum It All Up…

To explain our two month experience briefly, we had a blast! The boys got to learn useful skills, the entire family had the opportunity to do something together, and we got to beat the winter blues! I would definitely recommend giving Goldfish Swim School a try for your kiddos. Don’t worry, you don’t need to live near me to sign up. Simply visit their website and find a location near you, and feel free to browse through the different class offerings. Then, of course, go swim!

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10 thoughts on “The Best Swim Lessons for Toddlers (with Goldfish Swim School)

  1. This is so great! My children have been taking swim lessons since they were young. It’s so important to have a place that’s age appropriate. I wish there had been a program like this near us when they first started.

    • Yayyy! I’m so glad your little had lessons as well. Age appropriate is key, the twins are a little delayed too, so this was perfect!

  2. This place looks awesome. Even I would want to learn swimming there. I wish we had such setups at where we live. Would be amazing to see my daughter learn swimming too but I guess we need to wait for a few more years. The boys are adorable and looks like they had a lot of fun.

    • Haha, right?! I loved going in there as well, the water was 90 degrees! I hope you guys are able to find some lessons!

  3. I would want my daughter to sign in to this place. I wonder if we even have it here where we live. Judging through what you say on your post . This place seems to be perfect for kids to go swimming. Your kids looks adorable.

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