Eco-Friendly Toys and Activities with First Edventures

Unless you’ve been living under a gigantic rock, you’ve probably noticed that monthly subscription boxes are all the hype these days. I know, some of you might be thinking, “Oh great, another way to accumulate more crap in my house!” While I often think the same thing, not all of these boxes are full of useless items. We recently had the opportunity to check out a box from First Edventures, who recently launched their monthly boxes of toys, books, and activities for little ones. Although there are other companies out there who can send your kids some cool items, First Edventures boxes are full of eco-friendly goodies that also promote brain development!

I’m going to give you a peek into what H&H received this month, as well as let your know their favorite item! Keep in mind, boxes are available for kiddos between 0-36 months, so what you receive might be pretty different. You’ll receive an awesome “Parent Guide” that goes over the contents of the box for you, as well as offers tips and ideas on what to do with each item. As a reference, my twins are 14.5 months right now and I ordered an age-appropriate box for them. Okay, so let’s get started.

1. Owl Stacker and Rocker by Janod

Let’s kick things off with the favorite! This owl stacker is not only adorable, but has been a HUGE hit with the boys. They’ve been learning to stack things, so this was right up their alley! The pieces stack upon a wooden dowel, but the dowel is not necessary if your kiddos aren’t ready for it. This toy actually caused a little fight, because everyone wanted it!

2. Eco-Dough by Eco-Kids

Since my kids are currently into putting things in their mouths, they haven’t gotten to play with the dough out in the open. Luckily, the parent guide suggested putting the dough in a baggy and letting them touch, press, and play with it. Not only is the idea great, but the boys found it super interesting! If you’re wondering, Eco-Dough is made of natural and organic fruit, plant, and vegetable extracts. How cool is that?! PS- It doesn’t smell as funky as some other doughs out there!

3. Stacking Cups by Green Sprouts

As I’ve mentioned, the boys are learning to stack, so these cups are perfect also! We actually already have a set, but these are a bit different. They actually lock together a little better and are made form plant-based resin. We’ve also been working on putting small cups into big cups, and are having success. Once we’re onto pouring things, we’ll be using these for that as well.

4. I’ll Teach My Dog A Lot of Words by Michael Frith

Board books are our thing! Before receiving this one, the twins were fans of anything rhyming! Also, we can’t handle regular paper pages yet, so board books are great options. No matter what the age, who doesn’t love a good book, anyway?

We’re so excited to have been able to check out First Edventures, and are extremely satisfied with what we recieved. If you’re interested in a fantastic eco-friendly subscription box for your little ones up to 3 years of age, head over to First Edventures to check out your options! You can also find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (@firstedventures). I also want to add that their customer service is top notch, so if you’re like me, that means a lot when making decisions!

If you’ve tried monthly subscriptions for your kiddos, I’d love to hear about them in the comments! I’d also love to hear any feedback on eco-friendly toys or goods that you might currently be using. Comment away! Don’t forget to find us on Instagram for more of our daily shenanigans.

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How to Perform the Perfect Squat and Decrease Back Pain

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As someone with a bit of history as a fitness instructor and an athlete (olympic weightlifting), I have noticed that proper movement often creeps its way into other parts of life. When we pick something up or put it down, we are simply doing a deadlift or a squat, just like in the gym! The difference is, instead of a barbell, we’re doing it with household items, groceries, or even our kids. So, just as we are mindful of form in the gym, we should be just as careful in everyday life. This is especially vital for those of us suffering from chronic pain, or muscle pain from overuse.

Since being diagnosed with spondylolysis, or a pars defect, about 3 years ago, I’ve experienced chronic back pain. In short, the defect is a small fracture in my back that I do NOT want surgery on, as it would possibly limit my mobility for life! As a fitness lover, and also a mom who needs to be able to pick up babies, squatting with proper form and using Curamin® Stop Pain Now for pain management became my ways to ensure comfort. Because I’ve succeeded in both of these, I’m able to continue working out and chasing after my kids without a hitch.

I’d love to share with you how to perform a squat, as well as why I chose the award winning pain relief product, Curamin®. Let’s start with the squatting!

How to Perform the Perfect Squat

1. Stand with feet approximately shoulder width apart.


– You will likely need to point your toes outward slightly! You may even need to try a few different stances until finding what is perfect for you.

– At this point, remind yourself that both your legs AND core are involved here. Engage them as you prepare to move!

2. With heals planted firmly to the ground, bend at the knees and lower the hips. As you are bending, extend your arms in front of you. Try to reach parallel or below!


– Keep your chest up and your head and eyes facing forward. If you look down, your chest will drop, and you’ll increase the likelihood of falling forward. I often look at or just above my hands, once my arms are extended!

– The legs bend and the hips drop simultaneously. If you cannot get to the correct depth, it’s okay! When I say parallel, I am referring to your thigh being parallel with the ground. That depth or lower is the goal!

– Try your best not to let the knees wobble inward. If it happens, tell yourself to push your knees outward.

3. By pushing the heels into the ground, stand back up.


– Just as the legs bent and hips hinged at the same time on the way down, they will straighten simultaneously on the way up as well.

– Aside from your hamstrings, you should feel your glutes activate to send you up!

– You will bring your arms back to your side, ending in your original standing position.

Using Curamin® Stop Pain Now for Chronic Pain

As I mentioned before, I deal with chronic pain, yet like to continue working out and picking up my twin boys and our pup. After trying over-the-counter medications that only masked the pain, I searched for a better alternative. I chose Curamin® after learning that it is composed of clinically studied ingredients that have been proven safe for pain relief. The non-addictive herbal supplement has been voted #1 for pain relief and continues to build upon it’s 28 awards. Since it has helped hundreds of thousands of people world wide, it’s no surprise that it has helped me as well!

The combination of correct movement patterns with exercises like squatting and the use of Curamin® have been life savers. I encourage everyone to be aware of how their bodies are moving, and notice if you are lifting items incorrectly, causing unnecessary stress on your spine. Being aware of my body and finding a supplement that works have helped me to follow through with daily activities without any pain. Curamin® is available at fine health food stores nationwide. I pick mine up from the friendly staff at my local Fresh Thyme, but be sure to check out the store locator!

If you have any stories of chronic pain, or are working on your squat technique, I’d love to hear about it! Also, if you need any extra tips, you are welcome to contact me!


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