White Kitchen Remodel (Renovation Update Pt. 2)

Just want you all to know that this post is NOT sponsored, mmmkay? We just like Lowe’s!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a renovation update, whoops! Since we last saw each other, I’m pretty darn excited to say that we now have a new kitchen. I mean, I kind of miss having cabinets with the edges chewed off (by hopefully, a dog) and countertops with the world’s strongest glue stuck to them, but they’ve moved on to better places (dumpster heaven?). Let’s kick off this post by showing some love to the original cabinets. You can check them out below…

I’m pretty sad to say that I did not take any close up photos of the missing corners, holes, or extreme grease that was packed onto them when we moved in. What you can see though, is that they were the standard, builder’s grade beauties. Normally, there’s nothing wrong with that, but, with the damage I mentioned and with us needing to resell in a few years, they had to go. The photo above shows us right after having appliances delivered, because we flat out didn’t have any! (It also shows some babies chilling out, one missing a shoe, because…who needs two?) You can find out what brand we chose for appliances at the bottom of the post.

Installing the Cabinets

As you can see, the kitchen only has one little window, so when choosing colors for the cabinets, I went with white. Not only because I love white, but also because I felt that the kitchen was dark and depressing. I used to season our food with the salt of my teardrops…just kidding. I know in past posts, I told you guys that we can’t go crazy personalizing with colors or anything, since this isn’t our forever home, but I’m still SUPER happy with the color scheme here! (Scroll to the bottom for the specifics on makes/brands that we used).

Now, you may remember that I have a talented family member who likes to help with house stuff, right? His name is “Dad” and when he came to work visit last fall, he was kind enough to measure and design a new kitchen for us. He eliminated strange cabinets that wasted space, gave us drawers, true corner cabinets, a bigger island, and ordered some fancy crown molding to jazz things up a bit. All doors and drawers also close on their own, which is extra helpful! He traveled out here to install them, because otherwise I was going to complain about customer service (kidding, Dad!).

The cabinet installation took only a few days, including tearing up some of the old flooring (more on that later). After watching him install and watching my husband help, I quickly realized that this job is not for the faint of heart. Issues arise, such as having walls that aren’t straight, and a rookie would probably be set back WAY longer in trying to solve any problems.

About the Countertops…

When the cabinets were done, we only needed to wait for our countertops, which arrived about a month later. They were ordered during the cabinet installation, with the help of my mom, who makes better decor design and decisions that I ever will. In the meantime, we just laid the old countertops back down to give us a surface use, which you can see in the photo above. If you’re doing a renovation, you can also just use plywood if you need to! Anyway, when the countertop arrived, there was one slight issue. A piece of granite cracked during the installation, and would need to be replaced. No big deal, what’s another week of waiting, right? When the new piece arrived, it was like it never happened! You can check out a few photos of the complete finished project below! It’s hard to tell, but there are little specks of a cranberry-ish color throughout, which I love!

I ate all of those cookies in the corner…


Cabinets: Diamond Shaker Style from Lowe’s

Countertops: Allen + Roth Tauro Leaf from Lowe’s

Appliances: Whirlpool everyyything from Lowe’s

Do you think we like Lowe’s?

What do you guys think? Are you working on a renovation of your own, or plan to? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments!

(PS: Read our last renovation update here and the story of our purchase of a foreclosure here!)


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