Why Essential Oils?

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Oh my, another chick using essential oils?! Um, YES. Believe me, I didn’t think I’d ever use them either. I am a “why?” person. I always ask, “why should I try this” or “why should I do that,” and then when you tell me, I still kiiind of don’t believe you. In truth, I ignored that oils existed because I had NO clue what they were and was unsure that they would help my family whatsoever. It wasn’t until a moment of desperation, when one of my kids NEEDED help with his skin, that I caved in. Like many parents, I will do absolutely anything to help my kids. So, after exhausting all other avenues of approach, I decided to try a natural, toxin free approach: essential oils. Guys, these oils have been life changing, and not only did they help my son, but now they’re helping our entire family. We use them for countless things (Ahem: my kids sleep 12-13 hours per night, and I can get rid of head discomfort in an instant)!

Now, I’ll get more in depth on what we did for my son in another blog post. For now, I want to provide you with some simple information that helped me in my decision to use Young Living Essential Oils, as well as how you can get them into your household. If they changed our lives for the better, I absolutely believe they will change yours too. This will be somewhat brief, but you can always shoot me a message for more in-depth information or questions. For now, I’m gonna hit you with what they are, how to use them, why you should NOT buy them at your local stores, and the best way to start (and get the best bang for your buck)!

What the #&$% are Essential Oils?!

So, I once thought essential oils were a new “trend” for sales. Boy, was I wrong! They’ve actually existed for THOUSANDS of years. Ancient Egyptians used them, Baby Jesus was gifted with them (Frankincense and Myrrh, anyone?), they were literally mankind’s first form of medicine. To get down to exactly what they are, essential oils are the “lifeblood” of plants, helping to both protect them, and provide nutrients to them. The lovely little bottles of oils that WE use, are simply distilled from the plants (roots, leaves, rinds, etc). Pretttty cool, right? They affect our bodies on a cellular level, which is quite extreme, but quite beneficial! So, wondering how exactly you use them?

How Do I Use the Little Magical Bottles and How Do They Work?

Most people think that oils are either used to make our homes smell good or that super crunchy folks used them for some kind of magic. Well, it just so happens that they’re for more than just diffusing! Below is a simple explanation of how they work, and how fast:

  • In 22 short seconds, the molecules reach your brain.
  • In 2 minutes, they can be found in your gosh darn blood stream.
  • In 20 minutes (when applied topically), they’ve affected every cell in your amazing bod!

You can use them 3 ways: topically, aromatically, or internally. Topical use simply means that they can be used on skin (always, ALWAYS, double check on what oils can be used on skin, as many need to be diluted or should not be used in some cases). One of my favorite things is to roll Stress Away (actually takes my stress away) on my wrists! While aromatical use is just what we all suspected. You can diffuse oils to freshen up your air (literally, they contain compounds to remove toxins from the air, just as they remove them from your body), and you can also sniff those wonderful aromas with methods as easy as putting a drop or two in your palms and inhaling! Now, I can explain ingesting, but I think we all know what that is. You can ingest any oils in the Vitality line by doing things like adding a drop of lemon to your water, or using oregano in a recipe! #allthepossibilities!

But, Why Shouldn’t I Get My Oils at the Grocery Store?

Okay, this is pretty darn important. Most of the oils you find at retail stores are NOT therapeutic grade and will NOT live up to their claims. A lot of people say, “well, I tried essential oils from XYZ-Mart, but they didn’t work.” Friends, that’s because the quality is not up to par, so of course it didn’t work! In short, you can slap the word “pure” on a label, but it does not mean the contents were distilled correctly, therefore causing them to underperform in comparison to the Young Living standard.

Young Living provides a Seed to Seal promise, and a guarantee for the purity of their oils. To read more in depth about Seed to Seal, click here. Basically, Young Living is in absolute control of their products. They are the ONLY company that plants their own seeds, cultivates their own crops, distills and tests their own oils (both in house and out, so they’re not pulling one over on ya!), and seals them up for delivery into your home! They even own their own most of their own farms, some of which you can visit! If a crop doesn’t meet the standard, it isn’t used (no fillers, synthetic additives, NADA). End of story. If the distillation process doesn’t go as planned, that oil isn’t bottled. Quality over quantity, which is what you want when dealing with your well being!

So, How Do I Get Started?

First of all, HUGE congrats to you! You’ve made the decision to enhance your wellness, and that is AMAZING! I’m going to let you know how I got started, and why I feel it was the best decision. I went ahead and became a Young Living wholesale member, so that I could not only get the best value on products to get started, but also to ensure myself a 24% discount forever, for future oils. Being a member JUST means that you’ve purchased a starter kit, you do not need to sell oils. There are no membership fees and no required minimum monthly order. No strings attached! Great, right?!

Now, I went with the Premium Start Kit. My reason? I had zero oils, zero diffuser, and zero clue on what I should try. The Premium Start Kit includes the items in the photos below, which are 11 of the most commonly used oils (5mL nottles), as well as an ultrasonic diffuser (which diffuses those oil particles into the air), plus some bonus items (delicious antioxidant drink samples, oil sample packets & bottles), and literature. For $160, I received about $350 worth of products, and the priceless opportunity to enhance my family’s well being! The value doesn’t get better than that!

To get your hands on one, you can simply click here and sign up! Then, follow the instructions below:

  1. Choose your membership. You’ll likely want to do “Member” (AKA: “Wholesale Member”) right off the bat!
  2. You’ll also want to make sure that the number “12325145” appears when you are asked for “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID”. My name should also show up! This ensures that we’re on the same team and I can share ALL of my oily information with you! You’ll be able to access AMAZING resources on how to use your kit, recipes, etc., and IF you later decide you’d like to sell, I can give you the deets on that too!
  3. Pick your kit. Most folks go with the Premium Starter Kit. I mean, $350 worth of product for $160 is an amazing deal, plus you become a wholesale member!
  4. Set up Essential Rewards or add additional products if you’d like. Essential Rewards is similar to a monthly wellness box, but YOU choose the products. You can choose “Continue Enrollment” and come back later!
  5. Enter your personal information and account inforation. NOTE: You do NOT need to enter your SSN! If you decide to sell, you can always go in and add it later for tax purposes!
  6. Agree to terms and conditions.

Activate and place your order. CONGRATS! You are the Newest Young Living member! As usual, if you’d like to chat, feel free to leave a comment or send me a message on here or any social media platform!

*I want to note that you CAN upgrade your diffuser, but the price of your starter kit will increase! You can also sign up as a retail member, but you will NOT receive a 24% discount!



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